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    Origine du Groupe : Japan

    Style : Acid Techno , 8-Bits

    Sortie : 1993 (2000)

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    From Wikipedia :

    This is the easiest (note that this is relative to the other 2) Streets of Rage soundtrack to find, having been released in the United States. The tracks on this soundtrack are identical to the
    Japanese CD soundtrack known as "Bare Knuckle II". Composed and played by Yuzo Koshiro (with a few by Motohiro Kawashima), this is said to be one of his greatest and it shows the power of the
    8-bit Mega Drive/Genesis soundchip. The music is described by Yuzo as "hard-core techno". The CD contains 20 tracks and was produced by him and Kyoji Kato. Interestingly some fans have noticed
    that the song "Under Logic" sounds like The Shamen's mid 90s hit Move Any Mountain and The S.O.R Super Mix is similar to Enigma's Sadeness. Another interesting fact about S.O.R. Super Mix is that
    it is composed from parts of previous Streets of Rage songs: The Street of Rage, You Became The Bad Guy (being the core of the song), and The Last Soul. The Arranged version of You Became The Bad
    Guy also has parts of choir similar to Sadeness. The track lists are as follows:

    Tracklist :

    01  Go Straight

    02  In The Bar

    03  Never Return Alive

    04  Spin on the Bridge

    05  Ready Funk

    06  Dreamer

    07  Alien Power

    08  Under Logic

    09  Too Deep

    10  Slow Moon

    11  Wave 131

    12  Jungle Base (M.K.) & (Y.K.)

    13  Back to the Industry

    14  Expander (M.K.)

    15  S.O.R. Super Mix

    16  Max Man (M.K.)

    17  Revenge of Mr. X

    18  Good End

    19  Walking Bottom

    20  Little Money Avenue (M.K.)


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