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    Sortie : 2004
    Style : Electro , Pop , Vocal

    Tracklist :
    01 In this kiss
    02 Everybody's girlfriend
    03 Whisper
    04 Mysterin
    05 Candy thunder
    06 Speak
    07 Wonderful, beautiful
    08 Lovegood
    09 Alone again
    10 Spacedust
    11 Everywhere we go



    Introducing Anne Marie Almedal, the heart-breaker voice and sensual spotlight of norwegian indie heroes Velvet Belly (Boilerhouse/RCA). The girl you’ve been in love with, but never met. Now joined forces with anglo/arctic electronica pioneers Nicholas Sillitoe (Illumination, Chilluminati, Ultraviolet & Café del Mar fame) and Ken Theodorsen (super sonic studio wizard, also recording as Ultraviolet). Together at last…AM and the UV For this long awaited album debut, Anne Marie and her cult collective deliver an elysian bliss of pop cinematics, a sublime selection of addictive chanson - written and performed by a nonchalant artiste ready to make her finest statement yet... AM and the UV first made waves with their space-echo overdose Everybody’s Girlfriend, the opening track on the Way Out North compilation released in conjunction with Jockey Slut. Two stunning EP’s have followed, Tomorrow Is All Like Flowers, and Silently The Birds Fly Through Us - all seductive teasers for the album masterpiece... Candy Thunder. Pop where it really ought to be, in a post-millennial melodic haze of scandinavian electronics, classic acoustics, timeless songs and bitter-sweet attitude. the true new cool of Norway.

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