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    Origine du Groupe : India   

    Style : World Music , Instrumental

    Sortie : 2006

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    From Official Website :

    “Bangkok’s 9th International Festival of Dance and Music, was graced by the presence of HRH Princess of Thailand, Mahachakri Sirindon where Anuradha Pal, one of India’s leading and most
    innovative percussionists presented Stree Shakti, Asia’s much acclaimed all female percussion ensemble. Anuradha Pal kept the audience spellbound playing the Tabla at a mind blowing speed
    mesmerizing all those present with her rhythms using traditional instruments like Mridangam, Kanjira, Ghatam and moorsing along with Sitar. The ensemble producing some really powerful beats
    performing expertly, with vigorous energy and with amazing coordination. A memorable performance!”

    - The Bangkok Post, 2007.

    Anuradha Pal (Tabla & Vocal Percussion),

    Sukanya Ramgopal (Ghatam, Konnakol aka Vocal Percussion),

    Latha Ramachar (Kanjira) &

    Shubhadra Paradkar (Vocals)

    Tracklist :

    1. Coming Together

    2. Celebration

    3. Raga Tala Yatra

    4.Tala Vadya Kacheri In Jhaptaal





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