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    Origine du Groupe : North America

    Style : Abstract Hip Hop

    Sortie : 2009

    By i dunno from http://strictlybeats.blogspot.com

    I kept seeing this as a Fat Jon solo on Google and that's incorrect. Beautiful Killing Machine is actually the group name as well, but that doesn't grab the attention nearly as much. Anyways, a
    new batch of instrumentals from the producers in Five Deez. Sonic produced Omni and The Rain; Jon produced everything else and has a buncha instrumental releases so you can see why he might get
    top billing here even when he's listed as a "co-producer" while Sonic is not.

    Tracklist :

    1. No Regrets

    2. Could You Do Without?

    3. Lost Moments

    4. Pieces Of Dreams

    5. Live And Let Lie

    6. Fate

    7. Martyers

    8. Exact Pace

    9. In-Between Loves

    10. Intelligent Design

    11. Encounters

    12. Decide For Self

    13. Digital Promises

    14. Right Is ...

    15. Tomorrowo's Ambition



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