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    Origine du Groupe : Sweden

    Style : Indie Pop Folk

    Sortie : 2011

    From Official Site :

    Big Fox is Charlotta Perers. Saturday and Cut You Out are her first two singles – written, produced and performed by the Fox herself in her living room in Malmö, Sweden.

    It all started a few years ago with a strange feeling that she should be making music. She wasn’t a total beginner, but her previous experiences were rather of the more traditional style, with
    school choirs and 9 years of clarinet (although she now wonders why she spent so many years with that). She stopped taking piano lessons at 10, since the piano teacher realised she never
    practised. But somehow, for some reason, she ran into pop music, falling in love with the music of Cat Power, Feist, Frida Hyvönen, Jenny Wilson, Regina Spektor and many many more.

    Live Big Fox performs her songs by the piano, together with the cellist Gerda Holmquist (Vindla String Quartet, Provköket).

    Tracklist :

    01 – Boring Ones

    02 – Cut You Out

    03 – Grow Up

    04 – Why, Oh Why

    05 – Dear Therapist

    06 – Saturday

    07 – Tired

    08 – Easy

    09 – Thank You

    10 – Too Late

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    Big Fox "Dear Therapist" from Big Fox

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