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    Origine du Groupe :

    Style : IDM , Electro Dub , Downtempo

    Sortie : 2010

    After a steady stream of releases on the Waveform, Aleph Zero, Thoughtless Music and Somnia labels over the last 7 years, the next phase of Bluetech's sonic trajectory plots new and intrepid
    coordinates via Canadian imprint Interchill.

    In this unique full length release, listeners familiar with the Bluetech sound are presented with an inviting point of departure into the warm, spacious realms of his signature mid and downtempo
    electronica. Employing a more dub-wise and organic sound palette than on previous albums, Bluetech brought several collaborators on board in the making of Love Songs To The Source including;
    featured vocal contributions from the likes of Dr. Israel, Katrina Blackstone, Mari Boine, Lady K, Tina Malia and Lynx; and musical input from Jamie Janover, KiloWatts and members of The March
    Fourth Marching Band's horn section. Rounded out with a distinguished selection of instrumentals, this innovative, genre-bending chapter in the evolving Bluetech chronicles is ripe with emotive
    vistas, reflective passages and all the evocative depth that one has come to expect of this highly talented US based producer.

    In Evan's words, 'Love Songs To The Source is an audio exploration of the spark of divine light that oscillates in the heart of every being', and with this intent, one finds music that is both
    uplifting and devotional as it passes seamlessly through a lush digital expanse of infinite expression. To embark upon this listening experience is to travel down an illuminated path beyond all
    stylistic bounds.

    by psyshop.com


    Tracklist :

    01. Seed To Soil

    02. Green Sophia(Gnosis Mix)

    03. Change(Featuring Katrina Blackstone)

    04. Dread Inna Babylon(featuring Dr. Israel)

    05. Two River Sisters

    06. Lay Your Sorrows Down(Featuring Katrina Blackstone)

    07. Hanuman

    08. Waiting For Initiation

    09. Counting Out Stones(featuring Dr. Israel)

    10. Polychrome Petroglyph(Featuring KiloWatts)

    11. Three Worlds

    12. Big Medicine(Mari Boine Track Remixed By Bluetech)

    13. To Mend(Featuring Lynx & Janover)


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