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     A landmark in 70s jazz and Latin -- one of 2 legendary sets cut during the decade by composer/arranger Bobby Vince Paunetto -- easily one of the most unique voices of his generation!
    Bobby's got an approach to melody that's all tied up in the rhythms -- one that has most of the instruments in the group vamping along with the grooves, while solos take off in wonderful flights
    that soar to the skies on waves of sound and soul -- echoing a sense of joy and life that few other albums of the period can match, and hitting a groove that's complex, yet instantly moving and
    deeply personal.

    Players include Tom Harrell on trumpet, Ronnie Cuber on baritone sax, Billy Drewes on soprano sax, and Bobby himself on vibes -- sounding wonderful throughout the album, matching the 70s
    brilliance of Roy Ayers or Bobby Hutcherson! Also features percussion by Manny Oquendo, Jerry Gonzalez, and Milton Cardona -- and titles include "Osiris", "Fenway Funk", "In Time's Time",
    "Spanish Maiden" and "Brother Will". Essential!

    Enjoy it!

    by  Greg


    Origine du Groupe : North America

    Style : Latin Jazz

    Sortie : 1975

    Tracklist :

    01 Brother Will

    02 A Hybrid Situation

    03 Paunetto's Point

    04 In Time's Time

    05 Sognord

    06 Fenway Funk

    07 Osiris

    08 Heavy On The Bacon



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