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    Origine du Groupe : New Zealand

    Style : Electro , Electronic

    Sortie : 1997

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    Wikipedia :

    Breaks Co-op is a New Zealand band, formed in 1997, first through music company FMR and more recently with EMI.

    The band members are Andy Lovegrove, Zane Lowe, and Hamish Clark.

    Lowe and Clark formed Breaks Co-Op in Auckland, releasing the electronic album Roofers in 1997 before they both left New Zealand to travel and pursue other interests. They ended up in the UK,
    where Lowe has become a hugely successful radio DJ and TV presenter.

    After several years hiatus, Lowe and Clark eventually started working on new material in 2004, recruiting Andy Lovegrove from artist/producers The Away Team after hearing a vocal demo.

    Released in 2005 in New Zealand, The Sound Inside was a double-platinum selling hit, with lead single "The Otherside" the No.1 airplay hit of 2005 and winner of Song Of The Year at the NZ Music

    The Co-op toured extensively and relocated to the UK, where their album was released by Parlophone.

    The live lineup is Lovegrove on lead vocals and guitar; Rodney Fisher on vocals, lead guitar, mandolin and percussion; Rio Hemopo on bass and vocals; Tom Atkinson on drums; and Clark on
    turntables, samples, and vocals.

    The song "The Otherside" is featured in the Season One Brothers & Sisters episode "Valentine's Day Massacre". The song "Transister" from the album "Roofers" features New Zealand musician
    Jordan Reyne as guest vocalist / lyricist.

    Tracklist :

    01 - Looking Forward

    02 - To Faraway Lands featuring DJ Manuel Bundy

    03 - Sound Advice

    04 - Perpetual Breath

    05 - Let Your Hair Down

    06 - Solids

    07 - Unfettered Mind

    08 - Live At The Lister

    09 - Charging The Depth featuring Nick Atkinson (piano)

    10 - Such The Spot featuring Nick Atkinson (saxophone)

    11 - Transister featuring Jordan Reyne




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