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    Origine du Groupe : North America

    Style : Hip Hop

    Sortie : 2011

    From http://www.milledpavement.com

    After 10 years of scene-building in Portland,ME as an mc, promoter, and banner-guard for Milled Pavement Records, 5 years of touring throughout 5 countries (most recently France, Germany, and
    Switzerland this past April/May with Milled Pavement CEO Moshe), over 600 performances, 2 mixtapes, 2 ep's, 1 7" single, countless featured appearances, and performing live with a venerable
    who's-who of independent hip-hop, Portland's own BRZOWSKI returns with his sophomore solo release. "A Fitful Sleep" finds our narrator moving away from the thick veil of funereal affectations of
    his debut, and now speaks from a soapbox steeped in the culture of independent artistry and on top of a widely broadened palette of production sounds (most notably the coloring of early
    Sabbath-style faux-psychedelia), even if the punk/ metal/ gothic/ outlaw aesthetics remain on the skin. This album begins at the touchstone of hip-hop, and then musically enacts a swift
    departure. Doomy rock guitar/live instrumentation, Rapped/sung/screamed vocals, traditional sampling, ominous synths, and electronic drums all vie for elbow room in this carefully constructed
    Frankenstein of an album. Think Black Widow mugging an early 2000's art-rap DJ outside a divebar on the edge of town.

    No Rest for the Wicked

    Tracklist :

    01. Own

    02. Friendly Fire

    03. The Tourist

    04. Easy Angel of Spruce St.

    05. Travelogos

    (feat. Todd Richard & Leif Sherman Curtis)

    06. Nosebleed Seats

    07. Covenant (feat. Awol One)

    08. 2 Months of Houdini

    09. Queen of October

    10. I'm the Atlantic

    11. The Birding

    12. Staring at the Towel





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