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    Origine du Groupe : South Africa

    Style : Blues Rock

    Sortie : 2012

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    By Zorn  from http://exystence.net

    If Crimson House Blues’ first album doesn’t make you want to weep and dance and drink copious amounts of whiskey while feeling with your whole being all at the same time… there is something
    seriously wrong with you.It’s raw, it’s gritty, it’s catchy and it’s a perfect combination of “slit your wrists” deep, soul moving blues and rockabilly, sing-a-long, foot-tapping goodness.These
    local boys have been potting about the local blues scene for a while now, making lots of friends along the way and they roped in all kinds of surprise guests for their launch last week.From the
    inventive Tombstone Pete, to the hauntingly beautiful violin sounds produced by Rayelle Goodman, the band made sure the show was something no one would be likely to forget soon.The sound quality

    the album is stunning and it feels as intimate as any of their live performances.

    Redeye Riaan - Vocals/ Guitar, A - Train van Zyl - Guitars, Moonshine Ollie - Wind/ harmonica, Mr. Blonde/ percussion Blind doni Tose; Bass

    Tracklist :

    1. Going Down Slow - 8:18

    2. Silver Dollars - 4:39

    3. Desert Rose - 3:45

    4. Dont Take My Whiskey Away - 3:36

    5. Breaking Down Low - 3:57

    6. Cant Slow Us Down - 3:19

    7. Halfway Whore House - 4:39

    8. Pickaxe Blues - 1:50

    9. Over & Out - 3:47


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