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    Origine du Groupe : Canada

    Style : Hip Hop

    Sortie : 2011

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    By Jimi from http://www.thelostboysinc.com

    Just as weed is the gateway drug is to other drugs, "Passage Through Time" should be the gateway album to other work by these artists and many others. Da Grassroots are a "genuine-vinyl" sounding
    production team from, if I'm correct, Toronto, so expect other Canadian rappers on this album.

    If you download this from any other link aside from this one, you may get an incorrect tracklisting (by that i mean the songs are titled wrong). I'm not sure if the record label it to fault, if
    the songs were intentionally named wrong, someone on the internet f'd it up or whatever, but i do believe the listing i have is correct. This album is a definitely one of those "slept on" works
    of art, even after almost a decade, and it's a shame. My favorites are "Eternal," "Revival (Three Rhyme Superstars)" and "Drama."

    Tracklist :

    01. Intro

    02. Spears Of Ice

    03. Thematics

    04. Eternal

    05. Precious Metals

    06. Kenny's Query

    07. Last Days

    08. Price Of Livin'

    09. Pylar Sanchez

    10. Intermission

    11. Informercial

    12. Postal Work

    13. Body Language

    14. The Approach

    15. Black Dove

    16. Kenny's Theme

    17. Melancholy Blue

    18. Political Proverbs

    19. A Mother's Love

    20. Born II Roam

    21. Revival (Three Rhyme Superstars)

    22. Outro

    23. Drama (Bonus Track)

    24. Living Underwater (Bonus Track)





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