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    Origine du Groupe : U.K
    Style : Reggae , Dancehall







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    Tracklist :
    01 Me No Know
    02 Reggae Recipe
    03 Make You Groove
    04 Politician Knockout (feat. YT)
    05 Wicked Man
    06 Are You Ready
    07 Deya Now
    08 Who I Am
    09 Open Your Eyes (feat. Michael Prophet)
    10 I Can’t Believe
    11 Never Hear
    12 Bounce Back
    13 Brighter Side
    14 Rising Sun
    15 Rejoice (feat. Deadly Hunta)

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    Origine du Groupe :  U.K
    Style : Reggae , Dancehall
    Sortie : 2012

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    From http://www.jahtari.org
    Deadly disc charged with raw sound system vibes by the man called Mr. Williamz on a bunch of
    heavyweight Maffi riddims, coming straight from the Copenhagen underground. With scorchers like
    "Sit Down Steady", the must-have "Where The Man Come From" and the anthem "Dancehall Hobby"
    it becomes clear very quickly that this man's favourite hobby ain't stamp collecting...

    To give it a nice sound-system-tape feel the tunes have been faithfully run to cassette and back,
    Tapes dubbed up the Kriminel Riddim live, the bassline in the Hobby Riddim is by Pupajim and
    disrupt rolled it all up into a big one in the end.

    Like the "Tann Up Solid EP" this one also comes with a masterpiece of a cover from Ellen G. /
    MyLord - a genius tribute to the veterans of sound system culture! Boomshot record - not to
    be missed!

    Tracklist :
    01.Mr. Williamz - Sit Down Steady
    02.Maffi - Kriminel Riddim
    03.Mr. Williamz - Dancehall Hobby
    04.Maffi - Hobby Riddim
    05.Mr. Williamz - Where The Man Come From

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    Origine du Groupe : V.A World

    Style : Reggae , Dancehal , Dub , Electronic , 8-Beats

    Sortie : 2012

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    From http://www.jahtari.org

    The tape heads of the Jahtari echo machines have been finetuned, the reverb modules are

    rewired, the bass implant is set to maximum blast and now the third episode of our ongoing

    series called "Jahtarian Dubbers" is ready to rock your walkman for a long time to come.

    Mikey Murka went up to the dancehall again, John Frum is back with a hauntingly beautiful dub,

    Soom T is in top shape on one of his other riddims, Maffi team up with Ranking Levy from MyLord

    Sound while the Jahtari Riddim Force is on the loose, El Fata rinses Tapes' smashing "Gold Love

    Riddim", disrupt dug out a forgotten treasure from the vault and Rootah runs his tube delays

    into the red zone.

    Wearing the black belt for beatmaking and new in the Jahtari camp is Monkey Marc (who

    supplied a wicked instrumental to the last Roots Manuva album). Our favourite sound system

    champions Mungo's Hifi are about to blow your speakers alongside veteran Jim Nastics, plus

    there's a very special Rootah version of a Dub Syndicate / Adrian Sherwood classic - with Lee

    Perry (!) on the mic, lazergun in hand, straightjacket and all. So better pack enough supplies

    for an interstellar trip - this one might take a while.

    Tracklist :

    01  Mikey Murka - Sweeter

    02  John Frum - Healing Dub

    03  Soom T - Bullets Will Bounce

    04  Monkey Marc - Rudebwoy Dub

    05  Ranking Levy - Mad Man Style

    06  Lee Perry & Dub Syndicate - Secret Laboratoy (Rootah version)

    07  Jahtari Riddim Force - One Armed Swordsman

    08  Jim Nastics & Mungo's Hifi - Nah Lef Africa

    09  El Fata - Dancehall Girls

    10  disrupt - Asteroid Dub Force

    11  Rootah - Mr. Vibes

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    Origine du Groupe : Jamaica
    Style : Dancehall , Reggae
    Sortie : 2002

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    From http://www.reggae-vibes.com

    Like a bolt of lightening from the sky, Rasta messenger Warrior King has burst upon the scene, utilizing his gift of song to spread Jah truth throughout the land. 23-year old Warrior King was born on the 27th of July, 1979, in Kingston's Jubilee Hospital, soon moving to Clarendon, then settling in the growing city of Portmore at age eleven. "From birth I've always loved music, but it was not until I attended high school at the age of thirteen that I thought about it as something I could do myself," Warrior King explains. "At that time I followed Bounty Killer's style, but then my friend Warrior Mark, him said, 'You have the potential. You have the talent.' From there I started increasing my own thing, and with encouragement from my peers and inspiration and t'ing, the music started to flow."

    Like many successful Jamaican entertainers, Warrior King gained his earliest stage experience in talent shows. "I started out with school concerts at first," he says. "At the time when I just came inna music, I used to do some combinations with a yout' named Likkle Blacks, Marlon Stewart. We used to do Tastee's Talent Show together, so we could really start getting exposed and gain experience." When he first started out Warrior King chatted in a hardcore deejay style, like his original hero, Bounty. A switch to the more holistic "singjay" sound came gradually. "It's a natural thing what just grow inside of me, even without me realizing," the singer reasons. "People started telling me they hear I can sing now. So, really and truly it's just a natural change." Even his name is an extension of this evolution. "I changed my name from 'Junior King' to 'Warrior King' because it have a more spiritual feel to it. Fighting against oppression, fighting against wrong. I'm Jah warrior, yuh know, fighting a war of rootical love.

    Warrior King's 2001 debut single, "Virtuous Woman," was an international smash, its righteous lyrics prompting the Jamaica Observer to declare the singer "one of the artistes who made a difference in 2001." Since that auspicious beginning, Warrior King's compositions have consistently charted not only in his native Jamaica, but throughout the entire Caribbean, as well as New York, London, Tokyo and beyond. "A Friend Indeed" is currently getting heavy rotation in Jamaica, while "Jah Is Always There" was a recent summer smash on Atlanta's More Fire chart. The inclusion of "Never Go Where Pagans Go" on VP Records' compilation set "Reggae Gold 2002" further raised the artist's profile. Also included are "Virtuous Woman," "Never Go Where the Pagans Go" and other compositions that have built Warrior King's reputation.

    Now the conscious singer has released his first full-length album. His VP Records debut, Virtuous Woman, features production by such heavy hitters as Sheldon 'Calibud' Stewart, Richard "Chabano" Brown, Lion Paw and Penthouse as well as guest appearances by Jahmali and dub poet, DYCR. With titles like "Love Jah and Live" and "Boast Not Myself," the CD's seventeen tracks are designed, says Warrior King, to "uplift people's heart, mind and soul in a positive way. All of the songs are written by me, through inspiration of the Father. Everybody can relate to a song on the album, I'm sure of that." The album opens up with "Power To Chant," a spiritual invocation of Jah that neatly sets the tone for what's to follow. Each song featured on the cd has a different style, but the message emphasizes purity and truth.

    Warrior King believes that education is the key to betterment and hopes that his music will serve to convey the teachings of His Imperial Majesty, Hailie Selassie I. "As a Rastafarian you just don't sing music, you sing music with a purpose and a mission. To the four corners of the Earth," says Warrior King, "I carry my music, and the message of the King. And the message of love, to all people of all races."

    Tracklist :
    1. Power to chant
    2. Never go where pagans go
    3. Jah is always there
    4. Africa shall be free
    5. Breath of fresh air
    6. Boast not myself
    7. Love Jah and live
    8. Rough road
    9. Education is the key
    10. Baby don't worry
    11. Empress so divine
    12. Virtuous woman
    13. Oh mama feat.DYCR
    14. Health and strength
    15. What's going on feat.Jahmali
    16. It's been a while
    17. Mama (remix)


  • http://www.strictly-vibes.com/covers/R/richie_jah1.jpg


    Origine du Groupe : Jamaica

    Style : Reggae Dancehall

    Sortie : 1983

    Tracklist :

    01 - A Little Bit Of Everything

    02 - Nice Time

    03 - Finders Keepers

    04 - Take Away

    05 - Trying To School I

    06 - Jah Heavy Load

    07 - Knot Up Time

    08 - Jah Is I Light

    09 - No Three Card Man

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    Origine du Groupe : Jamaica

    Style : Reggae Dancehall

    Sortie : 1984

    Producer : Triston Palmer & Ossie Thomas

    Mixing Engineer : Scientist

    Vocals : Phillip Frazer

    Backing Band : The Freelance Band & The Roots Radics

    Drums : Style Scott

    Bass : Bagga Walker & Flabba Holt

    Lead Guitar : Bingy Bunny & Dwight Pickney

    Keyboards : Steely

    Trombone : Nambo Robinson

    Saxophone : Dean Frazer

    Percussions : Django Timoschenko

    Studios :

    Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA) & Tuff Gong (Kingston, JA)

    Tracklist :

    01 - Phillip Fraser - Watch This Sound

    02 - Phillip Fraser - The Sirens

    03 - Phillip Fraser - The Joy It Brings

    04 - Phillip Fraser - Wake Up Suzie

    05 - Triston Palma - What A Bubbling

    06 - Triston Palma - Dance Hall Fan

    07 - Triston Palma - Out A Hand

    08 - Triston Palma - Buy Out The Bar

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