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    Origine du Groupe : North America , Switzerland

    Style : Hip Hop

    Sortie : 2012

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    By Kevin from http://www.kevinnottingham.com

    D Strong and Dave Sparkz just dropped this new album last week… definitely something to check out.

    Unfold is a Combo of Gritty story telling, spiritual enlightment, aggressive emceeing, and nostalgic hip hop music. Los Angeles Emcee D Strong considers this some of his best work to date and after the first listen you might also agree. Dave Sparkz is a young producer from Switzerland whose production style lends big drums and a variety of ILL sounds that are seamlessly put together and show and prove quality. D Strong says of the producer: “He is my favorite producer right now out of anyone… Sparkz has a huge collection of beats.” Dave Sparkz also released an instrumental LP on Digi Crates Records entitled Ivory Lounge.

    Tracklist :
    1.Intro cuts by Chinch 33 00:46
    2.Illiad 02:57
    3.Invincible Sons All 02:51
    4.Bogart cuts by Chinch 33 03:45
    5.Golden 02:35
    6.Invasion 02:20
    7.Where'd the Devil go? cuts by Chinch 33 03:10
    8.Gods Spark ft. Wildelux 03:34
    9.Unfold 04:03
    10.Reprisal Killings 02:43   
    11.Rich Man Poor Man 02:21
    12.What Ya Heard 01:58   
    13.The Butterz 03:19
    14.Outro cuts by Chinch 33 01:43

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