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    Origine du Groupe : Grece

    Style : Trip Hop , Downtempo

    Sortie : 2010

    From http://www.mole.de

    Alchemy is an old branch of nature philosophy and was removed in the 17th/18th century by modern chemistry and pharmacology. Often in alchemy the only aim was seen the "production" of gold.
    However, the Alchemists search was even more. They were artists who converted the materials from nature for human applications or for the preservation of human health.

    Costa Chrysogelos committed his project „Digital Alkemist“ exactly to this art in musical manner.

    To offer raw materials of music in analoge and electronic sounds to the human ear in magic ways. His album "Fuga Magica" is based on a musical composition principle from the middle age. "Fuga
    Magica" is exactly what the title says. The actual and musical runaway from a dark era through streets and alleys, keys and notes, cables and knobs. A morbid and confused feeling is rising up. A
    session in a smokey backroom, a performance at the dark theatre, a hangover after a rainy night but also a visit at the vineyard and a walk at Venice beach. All of these, combined with the Magic
    and the unexpected that life itself contains in his stories day in and day out – this is what “Fuga Magica” is meant to be and represents. The artist Costas Chrysogelos a.k.a Digital Alkemist has
    recorded this album in Athens and partially in Miami from October 2008 to February 2010. He creates an album without repeating himself in sounds and melodies.

    Tracklist :

    01. Mad

    02. Black Ice

    03. The Cold

    04. On And On

    05. Fuga Magica

    06. California Sun

    07. Word Up

    08. Lost In Lust

    09. Major Highs And Manic Lows

    10. King Of Fools

    11. The Sun

    12. A Song For You

    13. Rivers

    14. Sky Dancer

    15. Memory Box




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