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    Origine du Groupe : U.K

    Style : Alternative Rock

    Sortie : 2009

    Wikipedia :

    'The Best of Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler: Private Investigations' is a 2005 best of album. Named after their 1982 hit single, it consists of material by Dire Straits, with songs selected
    from the majority of the group's six studio albums (excluding the 1979 album Communiqué) from 1978 up to the group's dissolution in 1995. It also features work from the solo career of the lead
    guitarist and singer, Mark Knopfler, including some of his soundtrack material.

    The only previously unreleased track on the album is "All The Roadrunning", a duet with country music singer Emmylou Harris. The US version omits "Darling Pretty", but adds "Skateaway".

    This album was released in four different versions:

        A single disc (Grey cover)

        A two-disc compilation (Blue cover)

        A two-disc compilation together with a booklet (Gold cover)

        A two-disc LP with tracks from the single disc CD version

    Tracklist :

    DISC 1:

    01. Telegraph Road

    02. Sultans Of Swing

    03. Love Over Gold

    04. Romeo & Juliet

    05. Tunnel Of Love

    06. Private Investigations

    07. So Far Away

    08. Money For Nothing

    09. Brothers In Arms

    10. Walk Of Life

    11. Your Latest Trick

    DISC 2:

    01. Calling Elvis

    02. On Every Street

    03. Going Home (Theme From The Local Hero).

    04. Darling Pretty

    05. The Long Road (Theme From Cal)

    06. Why Aye Man

    07. Sailing To Philadelphia

    08. What It Is

    09. The Trawlerman's Song

    10. Boom, Like That

    11. All The Roadrunning (Duet With Emmylou Harris)




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