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    Origine du Groupe : Ukraine
    Style : Abstract Hip Hop






    (cc) by-nc-nd


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    Tracklist :
    1.In88 02:40
    2.Dj Racy A.J (R.A.J) feat. Mr.Moods - Time perception 04:24    
    3.Midtown 03:42
    4.Dj Racy A.J feat. Violent Public Disorderaz - Deep red 04:45
    5.Kaurosh Yaghmaei - leila (Dj Racy A.J remix) 02:45
    6.Dj Racy A.J (R.A.J) feat. Miguel Angel - Oceaxe 03:14
    7.Asura (Returning mix) 04:23
    8.Dj Racy A.J (R.A.J) feat. The OPUS - To keep one's way 04:45
    9.Dj Racy A.J - The beyond 03:16
    10.Dj Racy A.J (R.A.J) feat. Hiroshi Sakamoto and Miguel Angel - 無とは (Mutowa) 05:20
    11.Ophiuchus 04:10
    12.Dj Racy A.J (R.A.J) feat. Revolted Child - Shimmer 03:48    
    13.Desert 03:53
    14.Dj Racy A.J (R.A.J) feat. Esbe - 4th street and Broadway 04:36    
    15.Dj Racy A.J (R.A.J) feat. Dday One - Shadow state 04:18    
    16.Dj Racy A.J (R.A.J) feat. Hugo Kant - Alleyway 04:14    
    17.Quietness 04:57    
    18.Dj Racy A.J (R.A.J) feat. Impuls - line of motion 03:47
    19.Dj Racy A.J (R.A.J) feat Brizeida - What in the world can make me feel this way 03:49
    20.Dj Racy A.J (R.A.J) Feat. Mr.Moods - Ainu 03:27    
    21.Nousu 03:39    
    22.Dj Racy A.J (R.A.J) feat. Revolted Child - Hazard Function 04:42    
    23.Out12 01:43 

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    Origine du Groupe : canada

    Style : Abstract Hip Hop

    Sortie : 2012

    From http://mrmoods.bandcamp.com :

    I am a beatmaker exploring lots of territories, always play with good or bad feelings at the same time, the moods are the building material for my songs.You will never know what i have in

    I also make beats for rappers on demand and offer mastering services.

    Tracklist :    

    1.Mr. Moods and Dj Racy A.J. - Desert 05:56    

    2.Mystical power 04:26    

    3.Live from... 05:02    

    4.Mr. Moods and Radina Dimcheva - What in the world can make me feel this way 02:24    

    5.Mr. Moods and Dj Racy A.J. - Stones 05:46

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    Origine du Groupe : Ukrain

    Style : Abstract Hip Hop

    Sortie : 2011

    From http://www.archive.org

    From the forgotten underground outskirts of Kiev here comes the third album by DJ Racy A.J. Dark melancholic soundscapes, rough moods and trippy beats fill up "Core Abstractions - The Third
    Concept (Mixes)" from beginning to end. Another masterpiece from the Ukrainian beatmaster!

    Tracklist :

    01. DJ Racy A.J - Injection

    02. DJ Racy A.J & Violent Public Disorderaz - E.V.P. (Extremity Mix)

    03. DJ Racy A.J & Feigin - Running From Yakuza (Zenkoji Temple Mix)

    04. DJ Racy A.J & IoNiZeR - The Human Infestation (Amorphous Mix)

    05. DJ Racy A.J - Regarder La Mort En Face

    06. DJ Racy A.J & Mr. Moods - Burst Into Flames (Thoughtful Act Mix)

    07. DJ Racy A.J & Richard Stagg - Hi Fu Mi No Hachi Gaeshi ...

    08. DJ Racy A.J & Upon Play - Black Reactor (Eruption Mix)

    09. DJ Racy A.J, Hiroshi Sakamoto & IoNiZeR - Convlescets (Violent Mix)

    10. Dday One - If Eyes Were Ears (DJ Racy A.J Remix)

    11. Emperor's New Clothes - Darklight (DJ Racy A.J Contemplation Remix)

    12. DJ Racy A.J - Kinetics

      mp3FREE DOWNLOAD FROM NETLABEL http://www.23seconds.org/images/dusted%20wax%20kingdom.jpg

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    Origine du Groupe : Ukraine

    Style : Abstract Hip Hop

    Sortie : 2010

    [Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0]


    From the forgotten underground outskirts of Kiev here comes the second album by DJ Racy A.J. You can't go wrong with his specific melanchonic cinematic ambience and tough trippy beats inspired by
    DJ Krush and Amon Tobin!

    Pure music art with a powerful expressive effect!

    by http://c4.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/119/s_bba66a8534c5da2c3131ac2bf540861f.jpg

    Tracklist :

       1. Intro

       2. Initial

       3. Conscious Mind (Background Radiation Mix)

       4. Fallen (Drugs Habit Mix)

       5. Assemblage Point

       6. Code 261986

       7. Blind Road

       8. Interruption

       9. Lost Spirit (Unsociable Mix)

      10. Escharotic (Inequality Mix)

      11. Transmutation

      12. Henshin (Dare Mix)

      13. Moan of Moon

      14. Third Look

      15. BlackDamp

      16. Encryption

      17. Miotic (Hell's Hundred Acres)

      18. Stones

      19. Outro


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