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    Origine du Groupe : Germany

    Style : Abstract Electro , Abstract Hip Hop , Downbeat

    Sortie : 2012

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    Here is the long-expected new album by the German meastro Impuls. "Leaf" (LP) is a spectacular fusion of high quality acid jazz, funky hip-hop rhythms, beautiful ambience and thrilling trancy
    vibes. To support/purchase/donate, feel free to visit Impuls bandcamp store.

    Tracklist :

    1.Bewegungen 01:20    

    2.Actinidia 06:52    

    3.Jam At The Werkstatt I feat. Ulle 00:57    

    4.Terra Furum 05:26    

    5.Fee Verte (Chopped Eartrolude) 01:36    

    6.Equals 04:11    

    7.Jam At The Werkstatt IV feat. Pascal & Flo 00:57    

    8.Choices 01:42    

    9.Haze Horizon feat. Dj Racy A.J 06:21    

    10.Jam At The Werkstatt III feat. Pascal & Flo 00:48    

    11.Looney feat. Ulle Kamelle 04:52    

    12.La chica que va de rojo (Rhodetrolude) 01:57    

    13.Missin 04:37

    14.Jam At The Werkstatt IV feat. Pascal & Flo 01:12    

    15.Passed The Right Port 06:12    

    16.Jam At The Werkstatt V (Pascal & Flo) 00:22

    17.Underground Vibes feat. Violent Public Disorderaz 04:22    

    18.Valerian Valley feat. HairyBo 03:04    

    19.Guess Where I Come From (Pastrolude) 00:59    

    20.Jam At The Werkstatt VI Outroskit feat. Pascal & Ulle 00:29

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    Origine du Groupe : Germany

    Style : Abstract Hip Hop , Downbeat

    Sortie : 2012

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    From http://soundcloud.com

    Who the f_ck is Blockboy?

    As an avowing vinyl-junkie, the native of Munich sees his inspirational roots mainly in Beat and Rockmusic of the early 70s as well as in the New York HipHop of the 90s.
    In his recording studio and atelier in an old building flat in Munich, he regularly descends into spheres of visual art and sound, while swinging between bliss and desperation because of his perfectionism. With attention to detail, the communication designer plays and records all instruments himself, strictly according to the motto: keep it real!
    To put a label on Blockboy's sound is not easy, since he moves between Ambient, Dubstep, HipHop, BigBeat and Funk - always enhanced by an affection for detailed samples of vinyl treasures.
    Along with his band 'Octopussies', a HipHop-Funk combo, that he is founding member, guitarist and musical lead of, Blockboy already has a lot of live
    experience and attention in Southern Germany - with hand-made music and real instruments. But now, after his first tracks on the well received sampler 'Yummy! Yummy!', his debut as a solo artist in the world of electronic music has arrived:
    'Heartbox', which will be released as a limited collector's vinyl edition (of course!) as well as a Download edition, is the start of a trilogy of topically defined EPs, that showcase his incredibly wide spectrum. On 'Heartbox', Blockboy presents his affection for Downbeat, HipHop and deep sound - but it will be interesting, what else is to come...;)

    Tracklist :
    01 - The Worst
    02 - Survive
    03 - World against us - feat. MISTA MIN
    04 - The Hornet
    O5 - Well wicked
    06 - The Renaissance
    07 - Satellite - feat. CAROLIN ROTH
    08 - Murder - feat. MISTA MIN
    09 - Golden Junglehood


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    Origine du Groupe : France

    Style : Dark Jazz , Downbeat , Electronic Ambient

    Sortie : 2011

    From http://denovali.com

    The bizarre Dark Jazz cabaret has opened again. Finally, after years of waiting, the 2nd full length of the sophisticated experimental collective from France will be released. It features vocals
    of Gaëlle Kerrien (YANN TIERSEN) and all lovers of DAVID LYNCH movies, artists like KILIMANJARO DARKJAZZ ENSEMBLE or BOHREN UND DER CLUB OF GORE and blue cigarette smoke in dark bars will exult

    Métamanoir sees the band shift from their smooth, minimal and instrumental landscapes on the debut record Parole De Navarre to a more lively and rich sound. Always based upon improvisation and
    sound research, the solo parts of their music are now embodied by vocals.

    The Quartet invited several musicians and singers to record, giving a phantomatic sound with oboe, clarinet, whitewashed drones popping out of the songs. The sheer chants of Zalie Bellacicco –
    who appeared on the debut album - the deep tone of Ronan Mac Erlaine and the crystal-clear voice of Gaëlle Kerrien (Yann Tiersen's singer on his last Mute album) interlaces with the still dark
    jazz of the band.

    Always influenced by classic 50s cool jazz and the more contemporary noise and experimental styles, the Quartet and his guests built a dreamy card castle who swing and grow deeply rooted in
    fierce strangeness of David Lynch movies.

    Métamanoir has been recorded in their native Britanny country, deep west of France, a land swept by climatic inconstancy fed by wind, rain and mystery. A place which gives the music an
    overwhelming but beautiful darkness.

    Tracklist :

    01 Une Petit Cellier

    02 Eux Exquis Acrostole

    03 Ma Insaisissable Abri

    04 Sa Prodigieux Hermitage

    05 Le Implacable Gentilhommière

    06 Elle Agréable Rendez-Vous de Chasse

    07 Mon Tragique Chartreuse

    08 La Terrible Palais

    09 Il Mélodieux Manoir






    dale cooper quartet & the dictaphones - 10 june 2011, christuskirche bochum - I from thepostrock.de

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