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    Country : U.S.A
    Genre : Downtempo
    Style : Abstract Electro , Downtempo , Ambient , Abstract Hip Hop

    music and artwork by Dr. Quandary for Prism Institute, LLC
    additional mixing by Jim Moreland at Vault 46, Boston




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    Tracklist :

    1.Feijão 03:38
    2.Branches & Bells 02:51
    3.First Law of Harmonics 04:10
    4.Oneiric Field Mandala 04:04
    5.Galaxy in Niafunke 01:41
    6.Schala's Song 03:19
    7.Bedouin Drums 03:07
    8.Varanasi 02:42

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    Origine du Groupe : North America

    Style : Abstract Hip Hop , Downtempo , Experimental

    Sortie : 2011

    From http://quandary.bandcamp.com   

    Sigils is a collection of short-form ambient and minimalist beat experiments, originating in the late days of the Beyond All Spheres sessions.


    music by Dr. Quandary for The Memetic Supply Co.

    recorded and mixed at Vault 46, Boston, MA

    additional mixing by Jim Moreland at The Ancestral Manor, Newton, MA

    bass on "Strange Loop" by Matt Scott

    original artwork by Dox Belle


    Tracklist :

    1.Semuta 03:26    

    2.Lost in Her Eyes 02:27    

    3.The Palm and the Fingers 02:19    

    4.No Flower 02:07    

    5.Litany 01:48    

    6.Holographic Body 03:35    

    7.Our Totem is the Raven 03:56    

    8.Benevolent Shadow 02:18


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    Note :



    Origine du Groupe : North America

    Style : Abstract Hip Hop

    Sortie : 2007

      Some rights reserved


    From : http://quandary.bandcamp.com/album/quanny-sitar

    Dr. Quandary's first release for World Around is his tribute to the music of India, from tabla-based traditions to mid-70's Bollywood soundtracks.

    Tracklist :

    1.Intro (Kahe Paise Pe) 02:38   

    2.Don Returns 02:19       

    3.Amitabh Beat 01:43   

    4.The New Music 02:59   

    5.Indian Summer 02:22       

    6.Ram Nam Satya Hai 02:27       

    7.Misconceptions 2 03:32   

    8.Outro 01:26



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