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    Origine du Groupe : Estonia

    Style : Electro Dub , Dub Techno , Ambient

    Sortie : 2012

    From Official Site :

    This ambient/dubtechno album from Rajaleidja (Joel Tammik), recorded between 2001 and 2011, is a very precious journey into the inner layers of consciousness.

    The acoustic and spiritual path starts in the deep and intact Estonian forest on a small trail. As we float by we see mysterious birds, hear trees that are squeaking in the wind and feel rivers
    flow on their old and secure waterbeds. When the forest ends, the tranquility of nature is brusquely interrupted by a metallic object in the field. Rays of light blind the eyes but still the body
    feels irrevocably attracted to machine that emits some hypnotic noises. We enter. The door closes. Ground control lost.

    A space odyssey? A trip to the moon? The open space allows no topography. We count the planets. …2…3…4…5…landing on the sixth. Our body mass is floating out of the space ship. Wind. Fast wind.
    1800km/h wind blowing over our body like a caress. Warmth. The sun looks closer than ever. The solar system feels like a miniature. The earth looks like a dot in the empty space.

    Space. Endless air. But, the oxygen is running out. Blinking machine. Nothing lasts in space. The point of return gets bigger. We enter the ship. Ship ahoy. Endless fall. …6….5….4…3…2…1. A big
    splash. Back on the earth but where is the ground. Sinking in the sea. Fishes, corals, swaying plants. The life aquatic.

    On the screen four letters appear. Blink. H. Blink. O. Blink. M. Blink. E. Our smiles fill the vessel. A voice comes from the speakers: “You are welcome back any time!

    Tracklist :

    01. Vine (07:25)

    02. Minek (05:30)

    03. Nimetu (05:45)

    04. Salus (06:19)

    05. Oos (05:46)

    06. Uni (06:55)

    07. Orgaanilises (06:58)

    08. Heli (07:14)

    09. Oled (04:56)

    10. Ootama (08:43)

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