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    Origine du Groupe : North America

    Style : Abstract Hip Hop , Abstract Electro , Breakbeat

    Sortie : 2009

    By Mo from http://truetosound.net

    Marwan Abado is the best known ambassador of oriental music in Austria and one of those musicians who demonstrate that Austria is a land of music full of inspiration and interesting

    The native Palestinian has lived in Vienna for over 20 years and has played with many musicians from various cultures and styles, including among others Timna Brauer, Alegre Correa, Krysztof
    Dobrek, Franz Hautzinger, Eliott Sharo, Kamila Jubran, Otto Lechner, Charbel Rouhana, Sahar Taha.

    Marwan Abado was selected best artist in the category folk & world-international by the Austrian music magazine Concerto in 2005 (together with K. Dobrek, A. Biz, A. Correa and R. Neuwirth
    for the CD and live programme “´s geht eh“), in 2006 Abado was selected second best artist in the same category for his CD “Kabila”. In November 2008 Abado received the Federal Medal of
    Intercultural Dialogue from the Austrian Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture, for his engagement in intercultural dialogue. Besides his own musical programmes Abado has also composed for
    film and theatre. His latest theatre compositions can be heard in Vienna’s renowned Akademietheater in the play “Incendies” by Wajdi Mouawad.

    Abado's music has its roots in the classical Arabic music tradition of the TAQ´SIM, which is not restricted to particular rhythms, but rather springs from the inner impulses of the musician.

    On the one hand Abado´s melodies and musical concepts take their power from the deep relatedness to his roots. He is conscious about the rich Arabic tradition which he is “musically living” not
    only quoting. At the same time, Abado steps across the borders between orient and occident seeking dialogue with European traditions and musicians. The outcome, Abado´s specific sound:
    cosmopolitan, borderless music.

    Contemporary poetry and prose often provide the inspiration for Abado's lyrics. The songs tell stories about parting, travelling, expulsion, hope and – of course – love.

    “My music is not trendy – it is part of me. I am living here in Vienna as a musician with an oriental background, speaking an oriental language, playing an oriental instrument – the oud. At the
    same time I feel cosmopolitan. Here in this town I meet and work with people from all over the world with different cultural backgrounds everyday – so my music is neither Arabic nor European. My
    music is simply the expression of my feelings and my life.”

    Tracklist :

    1. Tonka Truck

    2. Chopping at the Crab (Apple) Tree

    3. The Ritual Of Heat Rising Through the Attic

    4. One Mess After Another Please

    5. Introductions and Latitude

    6. The Surface, and Under

    7. The Great Houdini's Magic Computer

    8. How We Got Here and Now

    9. Ditch Dig Anthem feat Papervehicle

    10. Little Voices

    11. Bellows (Egadz remix)




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