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    Origine du Groupe : Spain

    Style : Reggae

    Sortie : 2012

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    Impressionnant en live le groupe reggae "Emeterians" diffuse les bonnes vibes jamaïcaine partout en Espagne et en Europe

    Basé à Madrid, le groupe se  forme en 2004, comprenant douze musiciens et un ingenieur son (PABLO: Bass; XALS: Drums; JAVIBI: Guitar; RIPOLL: Keyboards; FELIPE: Vocals, Rythm guitar; MARY:
    Vocals, Piano, Melodica; PIÑA: Vocals; SARA: Percussion; MARCOS: Trombon; JONAS: Sax; PEPAIX: Trumpet; JULEN: Sound Engineer).

    'Power of unity' est leurs troisième opus après 'Seeds' (LP-2007) et 'Change the Mood' (2009), Contenant 15 chansons inspirées par les racines de la musique jamaïcaine, reggae roots !!!

    Tracklist :

    01-Too Many Weapons

    02-Judging Not


    04-Love Is The King

    05-Pour Some Water

    06-Blue Lights

    07-Lesson Fe Learn

    08-Send Me Some Love

    09-Long Time

    10-Life Is Not Easy

    11-Give Thanks

    12-Get A Blow

    13-Dem A Wrong


    15-Power Of Unity


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    From Myspace :

         A total of 12 musicians and a sound engineer. Since summer 2007 they have been presenting their first album “SEEDS”, an lp full of pure Jamaican style music.

         This albums contains 14 songs in which political and social denounce is very present. It also contains colaborations with numerous Spanish artists, in which the
    international artist MACACO has also featured. Since the very beginnings they have played in the most important live clubs in Madrid and several media, succeeding, with other reggae bands, in
    making popularization of Reggae music possible in Spain.

         They have played with international Reggae artists such as: Alpha Blondy, Max Romeo, Steel Pulse, Ken Boothe, Kymani Marley, Queen Ifrica, The Heptones, Jimy Cliff, Don
    Carlos, Sugar Minnot, Micheal Rose… From the very first note, Emeterians achieve an authentic Jamaican sound inspired in classical rythms such as ska, rocksteady, steppers, and principally roots
    reggae, without losing creative naturality and freedom of a XXI Century music band.

         Their groove is compact and organic, based on Jamaican..s musical roots and Reggae tradition. They achieve a classical sound at the same time they achieve freshness and
    naturality with warm modern inspiration vocal harmonies. EMETERIANS are conscious about the importance of live performance, and their energy to keep composing comes directly from it. Their show
    is fresh and the communication between the band members is absolute.

         A powerful performance, splashed with joy and communication with the public through a professional show which alternates moments of recreational interaction with the
    public and moments of great concentration and emotional intensity in which they armonize acapella, create fantastic solos or down tempo drum n bass which will make you travel… They make the
    spectator feel absolutely caressed and trapped by unique warmful harmonies and solid-tangible positive energy. EMETERIANS is now working on the second album and performing all over Europe.


    Origine du Groupe : Spain

    Style : Reggae , Dub

    Sortie : 2009

    Tracklist :

    1.- Intro

    2.- Poverty

    3.- Just Money

    4.- Last Summer

    5.- Animals

    6.- One Way Ticket

    7.- Life is your Right

    8.- Hope

    9.- Remember

    10.- Sunshine

    11.- Next Generation

    12.- Dub the Mood

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