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    Country : Netherlands
    Genre : Abstract Hip Hop
    Style :  Broken Beat , Instrumental , Future Jazz , Abstract Electro

    Label : Auto Prod




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    Tracklist :

    01. All We Are
    02. These Pieces Fit
    03. Between The Lines
    04. All This Time
    05. Looking For Clues
    06. Hiding (Arts The Beatdoctor remix)
    07. Midnight Oil
    08. Push On
    09. Part Of The Crow
    10. Cellar Door
    11. Backward Interlude
    12. Quiet Chords
    13. Highway Hypnosis
    14. Hikari
    15. Googolplex
    16. Black Coffee (Arts The Beatdoctor remix)
    17. Forever Repeating
    18. Rewrite It
    19. Early Light
    20. Hard To Find
    21. How It Ends
    22. Snow
    23. Hide (Arts The Beatdoctor remix)
    24. Solitaire
    25. Cloud Nine
    26. Body Double
    27. Bird’s Eye
    28. Complete
    29. All We Are (Yppah remix)
    30. Complete (Xploding Plastix remix)

  • http://blog.funkygog.de/data/2006/10/innerzone-orchestra-programmed-cover.jpg


    Origine du Groupe : North America , Europe
    Style : Alternative ,  Hip Hop, Future Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Experimental, Neo Soul , Electronic







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    Tracklist :
    1. Wrong Number
    2. Manufactured Memories
    3. The Beginning Of The End
    4. Programmed
    5. Eruption
    6. Monsters
    7. Blakula
    8. People Make The World Go 'round
    9. Architecture
    10. Basic Math
    11. Timing
    12. Galaxy
    13. At Les
    14. Bug In The Bass Bin

  • http://img.ceolte.org/pic_c/a8248a3383639a0539243df1d90f6a11_1313708414500__.jpg



    Origine du Groupe : Latvia

    Style : Experimental , Downtempo, Future Jazz, Nu Jazz

    Sortie : 2009

    Creative Commons

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    From http://archive.org

    Musical and poetic duet "Cocoa" with her debut album "always" -
    a real gem in the contemporary Russian music. Strange little things (and
    otherwise it will not be called), collected in the album are
    connection fantastically beautiful poems and constant unexpected game
    sounds interwoven into mischievous, intricate melodies, reminiscent of the
    childhood dreams, calm unconcern, a good kind of absurd and positive

    Participants electronic duo "Cocoa" is not accidental conceal his musical
    origin. Being created as an experiment, a musical outlet,
    entertainment for friends, "Cocoa" - an attempt to make light and beautiful
    pop music, not burdened roaring guitars and hard drums. Perhaps the
    this is how they are born of the coolest projects: free from the obligations
    just for love.
    Like many electronic bands, "Cocoa" is betting on female vocals
    and rich musical erudition of both authors. Completes the picture good
    sound engineering.
    First you hear the sweet, rich tone of voice, she sings-weave
    amazingly beautiful and whimsical lyrics, Burlesque. Then sings along
    light and in a good hit melodies. And then start and pereslushivat
    colorful beads to sort songs one by one, noting with surprise that
    "Cocoa" in one track can coexist songs of whales and cats
    industrial noise and sounds of the city - and all this wealth so unobtrusively
    singing fills the space that is monitored only at the level of nuance.

    For bright airy layers of sounds, images and associations generated
    open and fluid imagination of the author, is a mature professional
    work done not only elegant and tasteful, but absolutely original and
    100% in the spirit of the times!

    Tracklist :
    02 -Po(4:50)
    03 -origami(4:59)
    04 -kit(3:54)
    05 -paraplan(4:32)
    06 -Sumac(1:11)
    07 -kloun(3:45)
    08 -minuty(4:11)
    09 -zheleznodorozhnik(4:02)
    10 -ka4eli (4:50)
    11 -dura(4:21)
    12 -napopopolam(3:57)
    13 -vals(2:28)
    14 -eng(4:35)
    15 -lullaby(4:49)


  • http://www.residentadvisor.net/images/events/flyer/2012/2/de-0229-339851-front.jpg


    Origine du Groupe : Germany

    Style : Trip Hop , Electronic , IDM , Future Jazz

    Sortie : 2012

    From http://www.residentadvisor.net

    A solitary shed by a lake. Surrounded by woods coated in ice. It’s the deepest winter and the Pentatones quartet finds itself in the deserted nature of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern County. They are
    searching for sounds pulsating beyond instruments and machines. Inaudible Music this is, made sound by them only. By night the four move over the frosted lake, play the clarinet and put
    themselves in a chilly trance. Months later they will remember dimly these moments in the woods and cast them atmospherically into their album debut “The Devil’s Hand” with icy romance. Highly
    attentive to details, they have worked on it for 3 years. Since 2006 the Pentatones tinker with their tessellate electroacoustic sound, in whose center the voice of singer Delhia de France is
    floating. To friends of club music she might be known from her collabs with techno producers such as Marlow, Douglas Greed or Robag Whrume. With the Pentatones she combines her emotional timbre
    in various forms with the raw basslines by Hannes Waldschütz and the analog and electronic beats and samples by Julian Hetztel a.k.a. Le Schnigg. Albrecht Ziepert creates melodic moods on the
    keys, whose appeal one can hardly elude. Their kaleidoscopic arrangements dance between susceptibility and experi¬ment. Enticing pop structures melt with crackling analog electronics - a mixture
    laid out to make dance at times, at times to chill. The ambiance of her compositions is gloomy, yet light-flooded in a certain way. It is most notably Delhias voice, which outshines everything,
    never standing still, meandering and spinning, opening up a new emotional space with every bre¬ath. The computer with its infinite production possibilities is used in its function as another
    instrument. Together with the sampler it forms the center of action, processing everything, from voice to keys, which needs an artistic distancing effect. A contrabass is setting the pace at
    times, then again the brass accelerates the tracks highly emotively. In stylistic regards their compositions are never predictable. A touch of organic jazz here, a subtle hip-hop allusion there,
    accompanied by a moving club rhythm structure and Delhias captivating voice, which sings, then talks, and whispers in the next moment.

    It’s not only the infinite world of sound, which inspires them to their adventurously twisted compositions. For all members being equally active in the visual field, art plays an impor¬tant role
    in the act of creating and in the overall concept of the Pentatones. This is being reflected in their life shows, acknowledged with much applause on festivals like “Sonne, Mond und Sterne”, the
    “Fusion Festival” or “Ars Electronica”. When they sample themselves during their concerts, modify their sound in real time and vividly interpret their songs, Delhia dances audaciously in
    extravagant, self-designed costumes in haughty reserve and effuses eccentric pop magic. Sometimes she takes the megaphone and by hereby altering her voice, she infuses her music with another
    exotic tone. With their self-produced videos the Leipzig residents by choice create an artistic universe, which stages the dramatic lyrics of the lead singer in a sublime way. After all they see
    themselves as an artificial band, operating beyond the conventional patterns of presentation, bypassing intuitively and creatively common pop stereotypes. Twisted-Pop which gets straight under
    your skin, without ever grooving stream¬lined. You can dance to it, lose yourself in it or step into new worlds. There is only one thing difficult to deal with after you enjoyed “The Devil’s
    Hand” and that’s to release yourself from its overwhelming emotional impact.

    Tracklist :   

    01. The Devil's Hand 6:44

    02. Determiner 5:14

    03. Still Waters 5:54

    04. I.A.M. (Fasermarker Pt.2) 6:38

    05. Out Of The Woods 1:49

    06. On Our Own 6:43

    07. Bonfire 6:12

    08. Sleeping Bones 6:42

    09. Supervisor 5:17

    10. This Is An Ocean 5:33

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  • http://cdn.7static.com/static/img/sleeveart/00/000/628/0000062840_350.jpg



    Origine du Groupe : Germany

    Style : Electro Jazz , Future Jazz

    Sortie : 2003

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    From : http://jazzport.com

    After a few vinyl EP‘s of his own and several remixes for other artists, Berlin based keyboarder and

    producer Volker Meitz finally steps out to deliver his debut album. Entitled "Vertikal", it takes you on

    an eclectic journey through a wide range of styles - from Soul, House and Funk via Brazil, Afro, Latin

    and Fusion to 2-Step, Drum’n’Bass and Broken Beats, yet all coming together under the Jazz banner.

    With vocals in different languages (Portuguese, Xosa, Zulu & English), both up-and downtempo

    tunes, some atmospheric, some going straight to your feet, the album in it’s versatility appeals to

    everyone between home listener and DJ.

    "Vertikal" can’t deny reminiscensces to the electronic club scene and yet sounds very live and organic

    at the same time. This comes as no surprise since the album features a lot of excellent vocalists and

    instrumental players who are involved far more than just being "sampled". Plus, Meitz is an

    experienced live keyboarder. Nevertheless, the whole album was produced electronically, where Meitz

    also proves to be an amazing drum and percussion programmer. Even professional drummers thought

    that some of the tunes had real drums to them...

    The soaring ballad "My Love" is the only tune Meitz sings himself. Otherwise he relies on the

    contributions of five other vocalists with different nationalities: Originally from Capetown/South Africa,

    Vido Jelashe performs on four tunes - amongst them the new Single "Zwakalani" and "(Mayibuye I)

    Africa", the title track of Meitz‘ first (and meanwhile sought-after) EP. U.S.-Jazz singer Twana

    Rhodes, Soul singer Esther Cowens of Californian origin, Berlin based Daniel Mattar and

    writer/Spoken Word artist Kent Evans from New York City complete the list.

    Too numerous to mention are all the instrumentalists - to name but a few: Seeed’s trombone player

    Jérôme Bugnon and Micatone’s bass player Paul Kleber of Sonarkollektiv fame.

    "I seek to close another gap in the ever-growing web between club and non-club, electronic and live

    music", says Meitz. "Especially the use of harmonies is mostly still treated with neglect, although

    there is another whole world to explore". Tunes like "My Love" and the ambient-jazzy "Aprilwetter"

    indeed illustrate that colorful approach. But also rhythmically "Vertikal" has a lot more to offer than

    just straight feels in 4/4 - most obviously the three stage brazil track "Passo Em Frente", "Get On Up"

    with it’s metric modulation in the epilogue, and "Africa", where the meter breaks down from 4/4 to 7/4,

    6/4 and 5/4 in the end (which used to scare off some DJ’s... whereas you can still dance to it =o)

    And if all this weren’t enough, you might be interested to know that Meitz‘ musical approach has been

    compared to heroes like Herbie Hancock, George Duke or Stevie Wonder. Plus, you can actually go

    and see Meitz perform live with an 8 piece band, and that without any sample loops or other



    Tracklist :

    1 - Can You Live

    2 - Zwakalani

    3 - Gloom

    4 - White Powder Everywhere

    5 - Awe Mzala

    6 - Aprilwetter

    7 - Passo Em Frente

    8 - Get On Up (Original Classic Version)

    9 - Epilogue (Get On Down)

    10 - My Love

    11 - (Mayibuye I) Africa (Edit)

    12 - (Un Rien De) Mandelbrot

    13 - (Mayibuye I) Africa (Restless Soul Remix)

    14 - (Mayibuye I) Africa (Dixon's Alternative Version)

    15 - Dimanche (DJ Deep Remix)





  • http://ekladata.com/Hx3_hdbONo1KRp1JAzswpySj-Wk.jpg




    Origine du Groupe : U.K

    Style : Electro Jazz , Future Jazz

    Sortie : 2011


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    From http://dustedwax.org

    Frenic has brought together his love of hip-hop and emotive soulful music to create a wonderfully rich throwback sound,

    combining moving funky samples, head-nodding drums and slashing turntable cuts.

    Tracklist :    

    1. Phonographic introduction

    2. Alright

    3. Everything electric

    4. Things get better

    5. You are the bomb

    6. Echos in India

    7. Long misty blue

    mp3FREE DOWNLOAD FROM NETLABEL http://dustedwax.org/images/dwktext.png

    (cc) by-nc-nd

  • http://www.allflac.com/covers/b_48188_Moca-Wroooooooooam-2003.jpg



    Origine du Groupe : Germany

    Style : Electro Jazz , Nu-Jazz , Future Jazz

    Sortie : 2003

    From http://www.amazon.com

    We sink deep into the soft armchair, only to jump up again and move to the music. We lie flat on our backs in the sun and yet jump up to go dancing on the beach. Moca does this with us. Moca
    relaxes and speeds us up again. Moca pushes and brings us back again.Yet, Moca only makes music. Is this an understatement? Yes, absolutely! This belongs to the principle of the 5 band members
    from Germany. They play innovative noticable electronic music, some where between House and Lounge, Jazz and Bigbeat. The result is funky, it has goove, but foremost: it relaxes. Relaxation
    transports itself, when Moca is on stage. "WeRe seated on stage. Our audience should dance; we only play the music", says Moca master mind Christian Becker. That's how easy the Moca world is and
    Christian is the musical director. He's in charge of the backing beat, brings in samples and plays the Hammond, Wurlitzer and Fender-Rhodes-Piano. Peykan Razani is the percussionist, Ralf
    Eichenauer plays synthies, while Martin Becker and Christoph Kloppenburg tune in with the guitars. Moca is no plastic band. They are no youngsters playing at home on their computer; Moca want to
    be live on stage! Maybe this is the fine difference: half digital music played by musicians, that together have over 65 years of experience in analogue live performance. Total understanding
    towards each other, they make every concert into a live-jam-session. That's the reason why it doesn't matter if there are 5000 people dancing or only 50. That's why Moca works. Always. Moca have
    been around since 1999, but band members have already been playing together earlier in Funk and Jazz bands, in Blues and Rock `n Roll formations. Many trends in taste, stirred in Moca. They have
    been touring around Germany and have many successful gigs and performances at festivals. "wroooooooam" is their second album and, as Moca would say in their very special understatment way, it
    only includes music. Very relaxing music.

    Tracklist :

    01. Jazz Tip

    02. Clarke boland

    03. Kippchen

    04. Atombits

    05. Flotter Tag

    06. Der Springende Punkt

    07. So Funky

    08. A40 Bei Nacht, Linke Spur

    09. Diskus

    10. Gruntee

    11. Funky Plusch

    12. Too Far Out




  • http://maddrhythms.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/l_ca026503130ee1f0e74cdefe8ae433ab.jpg



    Origine du Groupe : North America

    Style : Electro Jazz , Nu-Jazz , Nu-Soul , Future Jazz , Deep House

    Sortie : 2008

    Broken Vibes (Isoul8 Edit) by Taylor McFerrin

    Georgia by Taylor McFerrin

    The Song I Promised You by Taylor McFerrin

    Greene Sun by Taylor McFerrin


    Par NujazzSpirit pour  http://nujazzspirit.blogspot.com

    Je suis ravie de vous annoncer que TAYLOR MCFERRIN vient d'être signé sur le label de FLYING LOTUS, BRAINFEEDER ! C'est une bonne nouvelle !!

    Comme vous le savez peut être Taylor Mcferrin a été remarqué grâce à un 1er EP "BROKEN VIBES" il y a quelques années. Ce morceau éponyme est inégalable ! Le chef d'oeuvre !

    En août dernier, Taylor McFerrin a sorti un EP intitulé "EARLY RISER" . Je vous avoue que j'attends avec impatience son nouvel album, qui je pense va beaucoup surprendre au niveau du style

    Et enfin, Taylor McFerrin est un artiste que je place dans la même catégorie que Flying Lotus, José James ou encore Mark De Clive Lowe pour son côté innovateur et sa liberté ! Un artiste à donc
    surveiller de près !

    Tracklist :

    01. Broken Vibes (feat Vincent Parker)(07:52)

    02. Georgia (03:54)

    03. Greene Sun (03:54)

    04. The Song I Promised You (06:17)

    05. Georgia (Karizma's Bruk It Down remix)(08:01)

    06. Broken Vibes (feat Vincent Parker - Isoul8 edit)(08:34)

    07. Celebrity (bonus track)(04:32)


  • http://images.uulyrics.com/cover/n/nina-simone/album-remixed-re-imagined.jpg




    Origine du Groupe : North America , V.A World

    Style : Electro Jazz , Electronic , DJ , Remix

    Sortie : 2006

    From Wikipedia :

    Remixed and Reimagined is the first album in the Legacy Remixed series released by Sony BMG. This is a collection of songs by Nina Simone, remixed by several club DJ's. All original songs come
    from her albums released by RCA records. It was released in 2006 on Legacy/RCA/SBMG Records.

    Tracklist :   

    1.I Can't See Nobody - (Daniel Y remix)

    2. Funky Than Tweeter un moustique - (Jazzeem's All Styles remix)

    3. Ain't Got No - I Got Life (remix Groovefinder)

    4. Save Me - (remix Coldcut)

    5. Turn Me On - (Tony Humphries Got U activée Dub)

    6. Here Comes The Sun - (François K remix)

    7. Ponevent - (remix Organica)

    8. Aller To Hell - (remix Mowo)

    9. My Man's Gone Now - (DJ Wally remix)

    10. Look Of Love, Le - (Madison Park vs Lenny B remix)

    11. Ooh Child - (remix Nickodemus)

    12. To Love Somebody - (Chris Coco's Stadium Rocker remix)

    13. Obeah Femme - (DJ Logic remix)

    14. Je voudrais bien savoir comment il se sentirait à être libre (rosario Ralphi & remix vox Craig J. rival)


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  • http://zene.hu/image/db_album/.640x640/5659.jpg


    Origine du Groupe : Hungary

    Style : Trip Hop , Future Jazz

    Sortie : 2010

    From official Myspace :

    Four young musicians are behind the odd-sounding name “Bin-Jip”. Although their existence and their working together has been an open secret for some time, the band was not in a hurry to go
    officially public. They have been working for more than a year perfecting their tunes, which can be described as more eclectic, modern and experimenting than their previous projects. Albeit being
    eclectic, their show is absolutely song-centric. Bin-Jip is a very democratic community, where the musicians are almost peers in writing, arranging the songs and being producers of the project.
    They not only contribute with their own instruments, but they shape the songs’ structure, sounds and effects together. After a year of work they have recorded a whole album’s worth of exciting
    music. The name “Bin-Jip” comes from the Korean motion picture, which is a well-liked movie of the members. But beyond that, the name was chosen because in the movie the story took place mainly
    indoors, just like the band, which existed only in Andrew J’s living-room up until now. That is where the songs were written and the musicians became a band.

    Booking: matyasszepesi@gmail.com

    Tracklist :

    01. Enter

    02. Step

    03. Heat

    04. Where Is She

    05. One Word

    06. All Excuses

    07. Outer Eye

    08. Bin-Jip

    09. Keep Away

    10. 8Days

    11. Earthquake

    12. Hair Down


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