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    Sortie : 2001
    Style : World , Arabic

    Tracklist :
    1. Divas
    2. Tiflatan Arabiyan
    3. Baidha
    4. Hanine
    5. Awaddu
    6. Luiza
    7. Apsara/Dinera
    8. Leyca 9. Shaima
    10. Anissia
    11. Kaalia
    12. Ya Rachiq
    13. Oyrana


    Ghalia Benali from Tunisia is one of the musical surprises to emerge from the Arab world at the turn of the millennium. A successful actress, she played a leading role in the film "La saison des hommes". Her highly acclaimed concerts in Tunis, Paris and Brussels had the record companies queuing to sign her up, but she preferred to wait until she had found her dream line-up. And now she has - Timnaa is an international ensemble whose virtuoso fiddles, flamenco guitars and Arab percussion carry her expressively smoky and profoundly emotional voice from Tunisia to Andalusia and back again, via the Balkans and Brazil. Ghalia herself describes her new project as "Arab music in new forms, sometimes festive but never profane, occasionally ro-mantic and elegiac, or even classical and medieval, and sometimes wild and over the top - a passport to many cultures, a microcosm that merges the centuries into some-thing new".

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