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    Sortie : 2009
    Style : Dub , Reggae

    Tracklist :
    1 - Dub Lives
    2 - Big Dub Rocks
    3 - Dread Dread Dub
    4 - Prince On Dub
    5 - The Collie Man
    6 - Dub Happening
    7 - Hit Me Forword
    8 - Trouble Not Dub
    9 - Lets Dub
    10 - The Clean Dub
    11 - Day After Dub
    12 - Greatest Dub
    13 - Good Dub
    14 - Dub Special
    15 - Falling Dub


    The RockAShacka label out of Japan issue a compilation of dubs from the eccentric production hands of the man called Glen Brown, 15 dubs apparently from legendary lost tapes mixed by the hand of the dub master King Tubby. You will be familiar with some of the riddims, dubs to tracks like Never Too Young To Learn, Father Of The Living, Away With The Bad, Merry Up, As Long As There Is You, When I Fall In Love and more, and then there`s the few others not heard by many an ear at all ! Glen Brown utilised many of the islands greatest musicians, from the likes of the Wailers d`nb section, Sly n Robbie, Skatalites musicians and so on, they`re all there, and mightily dubbed by King Tubby, the dense reverb and shattering echoes, slicing equalisation on hihats and chops, riddims stripped down to their bare bones and brought back again, horns, flutes, keys and voices sent swirling into the musical ether...magical, and mystical...

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