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    Origine du Groupe : U.K

    Style : Alternative Rock Blues

    Sortie : 2011

    By Alan
       from http://www.popmatters.com

    As the plaintive acoustic closing track of debut album Everything’s For Sale suggested, there’s more to Welsh power duo Henry’s Funeral Shoe than early ‘70s-inspired pedal-to-the-metal punk-blues
    rawk ‘n’ roll.  With the follow-up Donkey Jacket, the Clifford brothers, Aled (vocals/guitars) and Brennig (drums/percussion), skillfully demonstrate this by crossing the borderline between
    electric-blues-powered rock-a-boogie and acoustic country-blues more than once during the varied course of the album’s 10 songs.  While listening, you even get the sense that, as with LPs of
    yore, time was actually spent on putting together the track list. “Bottom to the Top”, with the help of John “Ned” Edwards on slide guitar and mandolin, travels a similar country-blues trail to
    Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs, while other highlights include the brooding, electric southern gothic of “The Walking Crawl”, and the beautiful love song “Heart on Fire”.  Like all great
    second albums, this builds upon the first and makes you long to hear the third.

    Tracklist :

    01. Be Your Own Invention (5:19)

    02. Love Is A Fever (3:31)

    03. Bottom To Top (3:14)

    04. Anvil & Chains (2:30)

    05. Dog Scratched Ear (4:37)

    06. Mission & Maintenance (3:41)

    07. The Walking Crawl (4:25)

    08. Heart On Fire (3:41)

    09. Gimme Back My Morphine (3:04)

    10. Across The Sky (4:14)

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