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    Origine du Groupe : U.K

    Style : Electronic , IDM , Ambient , Experimental

    Sortie : 2010

    By Will  from

    This is a sort-of 'best of Xihislisk' album. I wasn't familiar with his work before listening to it, but it definitely convinced me to explore more.

    A compilation // best-of album is particuarly succesful when an artist has such a broad range of work that a single album makes for an insufficient introduction. This is definitely the case, as
    Xihilisk works his range of black metal, experimental electronics, noise, post-rock, and ambient soundscapes. Where they most impress me is that even within such a broad spectrum of styles and
    sounds, there is always a consistent expressive voice. Xihilisk definitely has a cohesive sound, even if traditional genre boundaries are incapable of expressing // confining it.

    My favorite track on this probably "Chysalis March", which gradually builds and builds until it soars in a crescendo reminiscnet of fire alarms, a symphony orchestra, whales singing, and
    norse-god Heimdallr staring into the future.

    The cherry on top: he's got a very progressive attitude towards music distribution (i.e., his album Fuck the RIAA). Here's a link to his whole discography he put on his blog.

    Tracklist :   

    1.Theme For Something 03:40

    2.Sleep Patterns 03:30

    3.The Movement of Dogs 03:42

    4.Chrysalis March 07:41   

    5.Autonomous Seashield 03:29

    6.Amanda 04:08   

    7.Argonaut 03:06

    8.Hurry 03:11

    9.Tunnel Physics 02:21

    10.4 Ebows on 4 Acoustic Guitars 03:14

    11.Unwrite These 02:40

    12.Gregor! The Blacksmith 03:46

    13.Inslider 03:13

    14.Angle Smoother 03:06   

    15.The Scene Where The Wayward Teenage Son Experiments With Opiates 02:48

    16.Cocodamol 05:46

    17.Massive in Flux 03:22

    18.IDM is Dead 03:05   

    19.Three Machines 03:27   

    20.Comedown 03:52   

    21.The Scene Where Everybody Dies 03:46

    22.My Cat Got Fat 02:56

    23.Nein, die Katze 03:43

    24.Offshore Magnetism 02:33   

    25.PLUSS 12:08

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