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    Origine du Groupe : Finland

    Style : Trip Hop , Electronic

    Sortie : 2012


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    From http://kaitikink-ensemble.com

    Inspired by their collaboration and amazing feedback from the Iron Sky fans, Kaiti Kink Ensemble decided to develop their music into a full scale album release. During 2011 Naskali and Siirtola
    started composing, recording and producing the album in their recording studio in Tampere and partially in an old countryside mansion, where cows were grazing on the backyard. During that year it
    became clear that the band didn't want to limit themselves into a specific predetermined genre. Instead the group wanted to fully explore different emotions and soundscapes in their first big
    release. As a result, their debut album Under the Iron Sky is nothing less than an outstanding collection of dynamic and fresh-sounding tracks.

    Singer: Kaiti Kink

    Composers: Tapani Siirtola & Joonas Naskali

    Violin (1,3,4,5,7): Anri Tuohimäki

    Cello & Double Bass (1,3,7): Esa Korja

    Trumpets (2): Mikko Routimo, Jouni Parkkonen

    Saxophone (9): Aki Ekqvist

    Drums (2): Vilho Rajala

    Drums (3): Juha Alaste

    Bass (5): Mikko Soukkala

    Album art: Hanna-Kaisa Huhtamäki

    Album produced and released by Sound Reel Finland

    Mastered by Chartmakers

    Tracklist :

    1.Let Me Into Your Mind 04:47

    2.Under the Iron Sky (Extended) 04:39

    3.Dark Side of the Moon 03:51

    4.Superstitious 04:53

    5.You're the Home 05:25

    6.Too Much Energy 04:24

    7.Remedy 04:39

    8.Dusty Words 04:07   

    9.With You Now 05:07   

    10.The Journey 09:26

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