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    Origine du Groupe : Norway

    Style : Alternative , Nu-Soul , Hip Hop

    Sortie : 2012

    From http://www.parisdjs.com

    Can't Kill A Dame With Soul, out 6th February 2012 on Tru Thoughts, is the second solo album from Kinny, an opera chanteuse turned singer-songwriter whose lifelong passion for reggae, jazz and
    soul music intertwines with her classical training for a unique and potent style. The new LP finds this self-proclaimed 'freestyle improv vocalist' channelling her trademark impulsive, freeform
    stylings into a more reflective set of deeply personal songs that explore escalating struggles with mental instability and identity.

    Kinny's captivating power and range of vocal expression, her diverse cultural heritage (a mix of Jamaican, Native Canadian and Swedish), and the twists and turns her life has taken all feed into
    the music; and her richly emotive sound never shies away from a dancefloor-filling groove or a stream-of-consciousness lyrical flow. The warm, immersive and soulful soundscape created by
    Norwegian producer/musician duo Souldrop (who also produced two tracks on her first album) provides the perfect cocoon for Kinny's crystal-edged voice, the eclectic sonic palette ranging
    organically from big bassy beats and keys to acoustic instrumentation and percussion.

    This time, on 'Can't Kill A Dame With Soul' she worked exclusively with Souldrop, fellow residents of the vibrant musical town of Bergen, Norway. Creating music in one room with her production
    team, rather than across several international borders, made for a totally different recording experience.

    "It can be exciting, making tracks with people on the other side of the World and hearing the results. But for me – and I think you can hear this on the record - this way was much better for the
    album making process. We felt more like a unit creating something and fed off of each other's energies..."

    Tracklist :

    01. Floating Zzzzzzz! 04:03

    02. Big Fat Liar 03:19

    03. Tick Can Tock (feat. Son Of Light) 03:19

    04. Up Side / Down 04:15

    05. Suffocate 03:02

    06. Lost Baggage 03:44

    07. The Love Cats 03:52

    08. YOU From This Sting 03:56

    09. Shrinking Violet 03:15

    10. One Fan Talking 03:52

    11. Mmm Of My Hums 03:39

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