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    Origine du Groupe : North America

    Style : Electronic , Glitch , IDM

    Sortie : 2002

    From http://www.cdbaby.com

    Detroit based sound artist Jimmy Edgar aka Kristuit Salu/Morris Nightingale has established himself as the newest member to the merck camp. Specializing in using hybrid sound tools and modern
    computer technology. Kristuit Salu is a mathematical process in itself, emulating the rhythms of hiphop using random processes, clicks, glitches, and other exceptional devices. Morris Nightingale
    is a vastly different approach, using vinyl samples to create an opposing addition. With "My Mines I," these two aliases of 18 year old Jimmy Edgar come together to stand above and prove their
    status in the realm of computer-generated music. The best analogy for the this cd among merck fans would be something like Proem vs. Machine Drum, gone through the digital washing machine and
    spit out 384 kbits short of a plug-in.

    Tracklist :

    1 Conceptial Devaihdn     2:17

    2 Germain Fabric     6:41

    3 Dope Soft Intake     4:48

    4 Updowndownup     6:35

    5 L.P. Output (edit)     5:23

    6 Ethno-cen     3:47

    7 NY Highrise Hotel     2:53

    8 Bland Impair     5:23

    9 Optim & Mod Conformance for Men     6:24

    10 Non Stop (Yaml)     4:40

    11 Anata Wo Ai Site Imasu     8:19

    12 Rastic Chevch     5:31

    13 Usually (Acrtually)     3:59

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