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    Origine du Groupe : Austria

    Style : Alternative Fusion , Reggae , Électroacoustique

    Sortie : 2011

    By Marco Stahn from http://www.asphalt-tango.de

    La Cherga has always understood itself to be an open collective. The many features on "Revolve" provide proof of this.

    La Cherga was looking for an MC for the track "Make a change". They found what they were looking for in their current home town of Graz. The upcoming Austrian reggae band Millions of Dreads both
    lives and plays there. The MoD MC I-Razor, a Slovene living in Austria, dropped into the studio, leaving a classic reggae toasting behind.

    Dubioza Kolektiv, probably the best-known crossover band from the Balkans, were so impressed by the track "One" that they didn't need asking twice and immediately recorded a statement on the
    state of the nation and the world in general in the studio in Sarajevo. MC Killo Killo is featured on the album at the specific request of the band. In the track "Votka dot com" he gets to the
    heart of the feelings of the expatriate diaspora.

    On "Rise Up", Sandy Lopicic - a long time companion of La Cherga producer Nevenko Bucan - does the honours. Although still known to quite a few people as the frontman of the Sandy Lopicic
    Orkestar, today he is a director and composer at Graz Theatre.

    Overall "Revolve" has developed into an album which highlights the multifaceted La Cherga sound. Great emphasis was placed on classic songwriting for this recording. The brief stopover in
    Sarajevo, where the final touches were put to the album, is also unmistakable. It also features tracks which represent the special "Bosnian vibe" such as "Sufi Dub", "VI", "Afgan" or the first
    single "Melaha".

    Nevenko Bucan

    "Right from the beginning La Cherga set their priority on the alternative pop sector. It was always a balancing act between traditional roots elements, contemporary electronic, rock'n'roll, dub,
    jazz and pop influences. The important thing is that everything works together as an organic unit. We believe that we have been very successful so far. That is why we also in the meantime call
    our sound La Cherga Dub or LCH DUB for short."

    Adisa Zvekic

    "LA CHERGA have the power which makes it worthwhile to concentrate all your energy and place it into this sound. "Revolve" is the result."

    Tracklist :

    01 Meleha

    02 Sufi Dub

    03 Resovle and REvolve

    04 One

    05 Votka Dot Kom

    06 VI

    07 Afgan

    08 Make a Change

    09 Last Temptation

    10 Rise Up

    11 Voda

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