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    Origine du Groupe : Russia

    Style : Trip Hop

    Sortie : 2012

    By Rachel from http://beatsmedia.com

    The resistance against outer forces first collapsed upon creation of the first sound’ Year 2008. The track ’7 seconds’ was created in conjunction with Moonbeam in a moment of clarity, when
    previous memories were forgotten for a split second and the present was the only conscious thought.

    This moment was the test for all and the underlying foundation and beginning of the evolution. The compositions are seeking the deeper meaning of existence. This musical quest resulted in tracks
    like ‘Storm of Clouds’, ‘We Are In Words’, ‘The Lilt’, and others.’Introspection Attempts’ and ‘Doors Opened Inside’ were the first attempts to discover her inner self. This discovery was the
    beginning of her artistic compositions, music made with her own hands. Year 2011.

    The evolution is now in full effect. The solo project Loolacoma contains elements of trip-hop, experimental, and soul. The album ‘Animam’ keeps the hidden motives of self-expression in balance
    with natural elements: The human being and music. ‘A whirlwind of extraterrestrial voices has wrapped the cradle and the body

    Tracklist :

    01. Butterfly 03:57

    02. Cooga 03:48

    03. Dormant 04:16

    04. Cold Violet Skies 03:31

    05. Wrong Side Out 03:52

    06. Lullaby 04:33

    07. Honest and Lonely 03:06

    08. Koppa (with Leisure Hours) 04:22

    09. Ooze Away 03:21

    10. Clockwise Sence 03:56

    11. Illuminant 04:27

    12. Still Streams 03:41

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