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    Origine du Groupe : Spain

    Style : World Music , Arabic Music , Ambient

    Sortie : 1997

    By Tom Schulte from http://www.allmusic.com

    These lush echoes of Moorish Spain celebrate the sensual poetry of 11th century writer Ibn Al Zaqqiq. ("Her sash undone, later I saw her wrapped only in her perfume.") Arabic culture fuses the
    poet and musician into one near-sacred role. Such respect and craft is taken with these treatments of Al Zaqqiq's verses. Luis Delgado thoughtfully blends subtle electronic drones or rhythms with
    a diverse cornucopia of ethnic instrumentation representing the Islamic Empire from Andalusia to Persia. The seven-string Turkish lutes, known as a baglama and saz, along with other varieties,
    sing alongside the santur and qanun zither variations. Folk flutes from Egypt and Thrace add a beautifully exotic and nostalgic color to some tracks. Percussion comes from the pottery, wood or
    metal darbuka and small goblet drum of East Africa known as the dumbek. Only five of the tracks are sung, but all are based on a certain poem, if only in cadence. Standouts include an
    instrumental, the mysterious synthesizer and lute paean to Luna, "La Luna Nueva (The New Moon)." The sung verses are either in the incredibly versatile tenor of Mohamed El Arabi Serghini or the
    honeyed and moving tones of Aurora Moreno. On one selection they duet. Text translations and instrumentation are given in the booklet.


    Tracklist :

    01. Balansiya

    02. El Saludo

    03. La Aurora Nocturna

    04. La Luna Nueva

    05. Bebiendo Al Alba

    06. Al Cintur¢n Y El Brazalete

    07. La Luz De Axarqu¡a

    08. Rosas En El Estanque

    09. La Mirada

    10. Amanecer En La Mar

    11. La Ruta Del Marfil Negro

    12. Epitafio



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