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    Origine du Groupe : U.K

    Style : Industrial Breakbeat , Electro Rock

    Sortie : 1997

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    By "blackfox23  From http://www.amazon.com

    This is one of the first techno/breakbeat style CDs that I've owned, and its been one of my favorites ever since. One of the most popular songs, "Leave you Far Behind" has made appearances in numerous soundtracks for films, games and other media (Such as "The Matrix," "The Jackal", "Mortal Kombat", "Test Drive 6" and so on)...and for good reason, this song is probably one of the best in its genre. Some other highlight songs include "Roll the Dice" and "Neon Ray," both interesting and different and have worked their way into games and movies (i.e. "Need for Speed:HS", "Arlington Road"...etc). Over all, this CD includes music made to get your adrenaline going and others that have a mellow tone, and almost all tracks being good in their own way. This should be a must for someone into tech, breakbeat, and/or rock music.

    Tracklist :
    01 - Fuze
    02 - Leave You Far Behind
    03 - The Sound
    04 - Neon Ray
    05 - It Evolves On Its Own
    06 - Choke
    07 - Long Shadows
    08 - Roll The Dice
    09 - Meltdown
    10 - Metropol
    11 - Punkywhitenoisething
    12 - Neon Reprise

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