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    Origine du Groupe : Iran

    Style : World Music , Arabic Music

    Sortie : 2008

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    Resonating with lush instrumentation and the sacred, lyrical richness of Persian poetry, this album represents a very important milestone in contemporary Iranian history. On May 22nd, 2007 the
    Italian and Norwegian embassies helped Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat plan a musical performance in Tehran, where women are banned from singing solo in public. Taking the stage without veils, the
    sisters stood together before that audience, bravely wielding the weapon of music against the continued oppression of women. The duo is now performing internationally and continuing to campaign
    against censorship. Maria Jett --World Pulse Magazine


    Product Description

    On May 22, 2007 a remarkable concert was held in a Persian garden in Tehran. With the help of both the Italian and Norwegian Embassies, two Iranian sisters, Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat performed
    without veils and bravely chose to use their music as a weapon against the oppression of women in their country. This concert was recorded and released by Norwegian label, Kirkelig Kulturverksted
    (KKV), late last year. Songs From a Persian Garden was produced by Erik Hillestad who also put together the critically acclaimed Lullabies From The Axis of Evil.

    ...If we want to understand what treasures we may find in the fantastic country of Iran, we should listen to the magic and the power given to its music and poetry. The fact that women in this
    huge country of 70 million people will never stop singing wherever they can and because of the intolerant doctrines and laws, Iranian officials contribute to making their singing one of the most
    powerful weapons to fight all kinds of reduction of the human rights in their country. --Erik Hillestad

    The US version of Songs From A Persian Garden will also include a duet with Mahsa and Melissa Etheridge on Bob Dylan s I Shall Be Released .

    Mahsa and Marjan were introduced to the American public on Lullabies... with Sad Sol , a duet with English diva, Sarah Jane Morris and a traditional Iranian Lullaby, Lalala Gohle Laleh .

    Tracklist :

    01. Mina

    02. Bi Man Maro

    03. Haleili

    04. The Flower of a Paradise Garden

    05. Chahar Pareh

    06. Dorna

    07. Gole Laleh - She's Got the Whole World In Her Hands

    08. Doosh Doosh

    09. Avaze Shoushtari

    10. Saghi Nameh

    11. I Shall Be Released


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