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    Country : Germany
    Genre : Downtempo
    Style :  Abstract Hip Hop , Downbeat , Electro Soul

    Netlabel : Dusted Wax Kingdom
    Year : 2013


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    Meta Force is an instrumental hip-hop/trip-hop project by Germany-based producers Astronut and Dario Scenario. After about 2 years of work, their debut album "Orion 7" comes into the world. It contains 11 frisky tracks cooked up in early 90s hip-hop manner with delicious jazzy samples and phat drum breaks.Source


    Tracklist :

    01-Live From Mars (feat. Johnny Fisher)
    02-What You Wanna Know (feat. Charly Bless & Jules Jefferies)
    04-This Is Today (feat. Lorenzo Dolce & Johnny Fisher)
    05-Ci Sarrano Sogni Per Noi
    06-Cherchez Doom (feat. Charmie Pfeffer)
    07-Matrem Colere
    09-If You
    10-There Is Love Underwater
    11-Good Things



    Info File :

    Playtime: 00:42:02
    Audio codec: MP3
    Bitrate: 320 kbps
    File: Zip
    Size: 97.4MB

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