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    Origine du Groupe : North America

    Style : Electro Dub , Experimental

    Sortie : 2010

    By 4-Legged Defender "Anthony C. Rubbo" from http://www.amazon.com

    Though this cd is allegedly an instrumental remix of Method of Defiance's 'Jahbulon', it has about as much similarity as a missionary does to the missionary position. And, for me, that's a great
    thing, 'cause this is some of what Bill Laswell does best - produce, remix and reconstruct tracks to create entirely new compositions, textures and moods. And, for fans, it does not

    Whereas 'Jahbulon' is pretty much a traditional reggae album in every sense of the word (read my review), 'Incunabula' is an otherworldly vision of varied styles that Laswell and cohorts have
    explored before, many times in fact, but continue to mine gold and diamonds from and keep listeners alternately on edge or lulled into meditative states that never border on sleep. Bernie
    Worrell's organ introduces us to the first track before giving way to 'Anachronizer (Asteroid B449)', a dark and dangerous foray into the hyperkinetic black hole of Drum n Bass terrain similar to
    the best tracks on the first two M.O.D. releases, 'The Only Way To Go Is Down' and 'Inamorata' (read my review). Herbie Hancock provides a blistering Fender Rhodes solo, fueled by Guy Licata's
    demanding and challenging live drums and programs that's certainly not for the faint of heart. Toshinori Kondo's muted Miles' style of ethereally haunting trumpet is gorgeous and wraithlike, DJ
    Krush adds a great breakdown with turntable solo and effects, and as the track progresses, there's an amazing duel solo between Herbie's piano and Guy's drums that's reminiscent of the legendary
    exchanges between Herbie and the incomparable Tony Williams (RIP). The cd pays for itself right there, IMHO. A tremendous and thunderous outing by all involved.

    Most of the remainder of the cd is of the techno-ambient / illbient space-dub soundscapes we've heard before in various incarnations, yet never gets old for me. Laswell always finds a way to keep
    things interesting in this realm, and it's made more enjoyable thanks to Dr Israel's dub EFX and Kondo's unearthly trumpet cries. And Bill's bass is darkly dub, buoyant yet bottomless, dreamy and
    soul-infesting. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner here... Method of Defiance is back.

    Tracklist :

    1. Code Woo - Condensed Fiction / Volunteered Slavery

    2. Anachronizer (Asteroid B449)

    3. Quantum Echo (Sub/Conscious)

    4. Umi No Soko

    5. Codeplan Armoured (Stimulation Assassination)

    6. Shadows Of Woo (Re-Entering)




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