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    Origine du Groupe : Czech Republic

    Style : Reggae , Ragga , Dub , Electro Reggae

    Sortie : 2010

    From Official Site :

    Welcome in the world of MikkiM, a place where the united beats of techno, jungle and breakbeat meet the hypnotic offbeats of ska & reggae, the psychedelic dub space delays and the dirty wild
    punk notes. In my songs I'm using, besides my own ideas, a lot of my favourite music that I sample, reshape and deform with the help of my machines and computer. In my livesets and in my studio
    stuff, you might hear some well known sampled fragments, basslines, vocals, etc. from The Clash, Madness, Specials,Renegade Soundwave, Dreadzone,and many more surprises...

    I have variety of different styles that I can play live. It depends on what type of action i play, but I mostly enjoy doing a journey through all of them.. I can play dub oriented liveset, then
    broken beats style - breakbeat, jungle and drum&bass and finally straight beat techno or hardtek style.In this liveset you can hear what i call skatek, pumping techno ranging from 150 till
    180bpm with offbeat ska style and live instrument and vocal samples. My live performance is a bit different from my studio production, it is more oriented for the dancefloor with lot of
    unexpected combinations. Come to see my show! ;)

    I was playing gigs in about 12 different european countries, I was the support live act for the Dreadzone, Zion Train and I share the stage with many well known bands,electronic projects,livesets
    and djs, sometimes being a headliner for the festival or a club night. In my studio I welcome lot of internationally known artists,that I can call my friends aswell-Gary Asquith from Renegade
    Soundwave,Dr.Ring Ding,Victor Rice,MC Benjammin,MC Turner,MC Tribuman,Macka B etc..

    Together with my friends we are running a record label IO.lab ,where i personally take care about Offbeat Division,sublabel specialized on electronic music influenced by ska, reggae and dub. We
    are also runing internet radio23 , mixing, mastering and producing other artists.

    I m also connected with the Cross Club in Prague, where I am sound engineering and where I have my studio.

    Tracklist :

    01. George and the Dragon (4:48)

    02. Rub a Dub Rock (4:08)

    03. Biting My Nails In 2010 (5:16)

    04. Crossroads (4:21)

    05. Gangsters Adventure (4:22)

    06. Break the Chains (5:42)

    07. Magdread (5:21)

    08. La Nouvelle Garde (3:25)

    09. Mix It Up (3:54)

    10. Rub a Dub Rock Instrumental (5:33)

    11. Past (4:54)

    12. We Are Here (6:33)

    13. Janie Jones Trip (7:19)


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