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    Origine du Groupe : Poland

    Style : Acid Jazz , Jazz , Electro Jazz , Alternative

    Sortie : 2008

    From Official Site :

    Mikromusic is one of the most interesting groups to recently emerge on the Polish music scene. ey create an earthy fusion of acid-jazz and indie-pop delivered through the bright, angelic vocals
    of Natalia Grosiak.

    Mixed together with subtle hints of trip-hop and Jazz, this mélange of styles has forged a truly distinctive sound which puts the group in a league of their own. e enigmatic voice of Natalia
    Grosiak together with the incredibly talented mikromusicians has allowed the group to gain wider recognition year after year.

    Mikromusic have released three albums to date. eir debut album 'Mikromusic' featured guest appearances including, Leszek Mozdzer, the world-renowned Jazz pianist.

    In late 2008, the much awaited second album 'Sennik' was released. e title, which means 'dream' re    ects the repetition of words woven into the theme of sleeping. e music draws
    on eclectic sources, including Jazz, Trip-hop, Funk, Bossa Nova and even Folk Music. is is blended with the poetic, womanly lyrics

    of Natalia Grosiak.

    Tracklist :

    1 Słonecznik

    2 Sennik

    3 Zasypiam

    4 Bo Mi

    5 W Źrenicach

    6 Cisza Przed Burzą

    7 Burzowa

    8 Pociąg Do Domu

    9 Nie Będę

    10 Kardamon I Pieprz

    11 Świat Oddala Się Od Ciebie

    12 Kołysanka Karolinki

    13 Thank God I'm A Woman (Bonus)





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