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    Origine du Groupe : Canada , North America

    Style : Trip Hop , Poetic , Abstract Electro , Experimental

    Sortie : 2012

    From http://mrmoods.bandcamp.com

    Music versus words. Collaboration between poet Emily Jane Carmen and beatmaker Christian Denis.

    Cover art by Christian Denis and Emily Jane Carmen.

    All paintings by Emily Jane Carmen.

    Vocals and lyrics by Emily Jane Carmen, all music by Christian Denis, vocal edits by Michael Sharpe, trumpet on Shy Mushrooms by Skip Warren (Lr-60), guitars on Dove and In the trees by Robert

    Tracklist :    

    1.Jammu sky 04:10

    2.Chill wind 02:12

    3.Wanderings 04:10

    4.Shy mushrooms (with LR-60) 03:59

    5.New growth 02:38

    6.Solitude 03:24

    7.Waves (feat Robert Waddington) 02:54

    8.Currents 00:57

    9.Origins 03:47

    10.Hummingbirds 03:33

    11.In the trees (feat Robert Waddington) 03:26

    12.Lucide consience 03:19

    13.Dog serenade 04:12

    14.Tonight winter 02:25

    15.Cry 04:42    

    16.Dove 02:31

    17.Songer 04:18

    18.Guest angels 02:06

    19.Survival 02:56

    20.Journey 02:57    

    21.Harpie's lament 04:56    

    22.Frogs 02:16    

    23.Self portrait 02:37    

    24.Insight 02:45

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