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    Origine du Groupe : Turkey

    Style : World Music , Arabic Music , Instrumental , Traditional

    Sortie : 2009

    From Official Site :

    After a long search we have presented to our second album for musiclovers , still longing for their return to the ocean is going out with a new station we are in our journey. In this study
    instrumental music again, we've included their masterpiece. From classic lines to avoid compromising our enforcement, our members, trying to stay within the requirements of attitude ...Classical
    music of our master of the Tamburi Cemil Bey new life found, then, that way committed a great many precious sâzendenin contributions until today, but the place it deserves, still could not get
    the instrumental music of such studies even richer suggest. Always grateful and thankful to have remembered our teachers Our Neyzen Niyazi Sayın and Tamburi Necdet Yasar's leadership out that
    this journey of our culture as the evidence of history to shed light believe. Our aspirations opened the nevâ screen our floating tunes of the essence of our promise hearts to your ears
    whispering to hope. 


    Tracklist :

    01. Uşşak Peşrev - Sultan I. Mahmud

    02. Uşşak Müşterek Taksim - Salih Bilgin-Murat Aydemir

    03. Uşşak Sazsemaîsi - Şerif Muhiddin Targan

    04. Hicaz Peşrev - Neyzen Aziz Dede

    05. Nişâburek'e Geçiş Taksimi - Salih Bilgin

    06. Nişâburek Saz Semaîsi - Seyyid Ahmed Ağa

    07. Hüzzam Taksim - Murat Aydemir

    08. Hüzzam Peşrev - Tanburî Osman Bey

    09. Hüzzam Saz Semaîsi - Tanburî Osman Bey

    10. Rast'a Geçiş Taksimi - Salih Bilgin

    11. Rast Saz Semaîsi - Tanburî Osman Bey


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