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    Origine du Groupe : North America

    Style : Soul

    Sortie : 1969

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    Nancy Dupree initially found her elementary school music students in Rochester, NY resistant to participation in class. Once she dropped the standard literature (which asked Mr. Bear to come and
    play) and began composing music that bore relevancy to contemporary society and to their very tuned-in and grownup interests, she found they immediately took to performing. Her songs addressed,
    for example, the contributions icons James Brown and Jelly Roll Morton (aka Docta King) made to society, the intangible assets each child naturally possessed (What do I have? Guts...heart...and
    soul) and fighting for civil rights (I want my freedom; I want it now). Not only did singing about meaningful issues in real musical styles reveal the immense talents the students had, but it
    gave all a critical lesson in empowerment.

    Tracklist :

    01. What do i have

    02. James brown

    03. Bag snatchin'

    04. Docta king

    05. Virgin mary

    06. I want

    07. Frankenstein

    08. Cold

    09. Jingle bells

    10. Call baby jesus



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