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    Origine du Groupe : Palestine , Egypt

    Style : Poetry , World Music

    Sortie : 2006

    Tracklist :

    [.01.] Amrika
    [.02.] Listen, Tonight
    [.03.] Rachel's War
    [.04.] Ephratha
    [.05.] Wall Against Our Breath
    [.06.] Abu Jamal's Olive Trees
    [.07.] Maher Salem's Deaf Father
    [.08.] Will Soliman Solo
    [.09.] Electric Arabiya
    [.10.] Quest for Pale Sand
    [.11.] Spell, sung by Fawzia Afzal-Khan
    [.12.] Spell


    One of New York’s most gifted young poets (Lives of Rain, 2005, Interlink) has teamed
    with multi-instrumentalist Will Soliman to join literature and music in a spare, intense
    performance of understated emotional power that will surprise, delight and stun. Drawing
    from published and new poetry, Handal explores themes that resonate with identities,
    departures, losses and closely guarded aspirations, all coming out of her
    Palestinian/American/Hispanic tossed salad of experiences. Her voice is in complete
    command of her words, alternately forceful, tender, silky or indignant at injustice,
    slipping amid English, French, Arabic and Spanish just enough to keep the listener
    slightly off balance, not quite comfortable—for this is not a poetry of comfort—and as
    rhythmic as Soliman’s atmospheric, often restrained accompaniments. Together they
    produce an art that transcends the artists themselves, calling up recollections of Gil Scott-
    Heron’s iconic musical poetry of African-American life in the 1960’s and 1970’s and
    John Trudell’s white-hot poems, backed by Lakota song, from Native American
    experience of the 1980’s.
    by Dick Doughty
    Saudi Aramco World


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