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    Origine du Groupe : Poland

    Style : Abstract Hip Hop , Trip Hop , Néo-Classical

    Sortie : 2012

    From http://holdcut.blogspot.com

    After many trials, finally made it! We present the fourth artist album Jack "Holdcuta" Zgutczyńskiego - "TALK". The amazing graphic design corresponds to Jaroslaw "JarOO" Klechowicz

    The whole consists of 10 tracks, lots of improvisation.

    Tracklist :

    01. Replacement

    02. Way (feat. Duże Pe)

    03. Lost

    04. Differences

    05. Death-Hand

    06. Alone Snow

    07. Maybe

    08. Dreamland

    09. Changed

    10. U Were Here


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    Origine du Groupe : North America

    Style : Trip Hop , Downtempo , Neo-Classic

    Sortie : 2010

    By Examiner from http://www.amazon.com


    CABIRIA: Downtempo Trip Hop, Driven by Classical Voice and Harmony: If you have heard Cabiria perform around New York City this year, they are likely to have made a strong impression on you.
    Their unique and powerful sound, mixing modern and classical music, is impressive and haunting. Since the band s first Manhattan show at Side Walk Café this past April, they have had the
    opportunity to perform as a trio as well as a larger ensemble. On different occasions, they have been joined by a trumpet player, a bass player, and a drummer, who have joined them on stage as
    well as in the recording studio. The band has also ventured outside of New York, giving live performances in Maine and Massachusetts, both areas where they plan to return. If their talent and
    determination are indicators of future success, Cabiria is sure to travel further, literally and figuratively, in the future.

    Product Description

    Cabiria has a unique sound that combines sensual trip-hop grooves driven by classical voice and harmony. The phrasing of their hauntingly melodic music borrows from classical works of composers
    such as Rachmaninov and Chopin, with a down-tempo groove inspired by Portishead and many others who have shaped the trip-hop genre. Cabiria's melodic sound is captured through the powerful
    operatic vocals of Rachel Jane Henry, who has been trained classically. Part of the band's characteristic sound is the interplay between Rachel's intense, high-register lyrical melodies, and
    Meredith Bogacz s sullen and seductive violin playing. The main accompaniment is the nylon string guitar played by Claudio Morsella, adding hints of Flamenco and Spanish technique to the brooding
    quality of Cabiria s sound. The trip-hop influence manifests through the combination of live drum and bass, defining this genre for Cabiria. Originally from Boston, Cabiria came to life in 2004
    and developed a following in New England by performing most venues in the city. In 2006 they released their debut LP No Time for Dreaming which has been described as a Hauntingly Beautiful
    Operatic Trip-Hop Masterpiece . Now in New York City, Cabiria has been performing with a new lineup and has just released their six song EP, A Product of Humankind . This album reflects the new
    qualities in Cabiria s sound, as the band tries to market their music to a bigger audience. Cabiria is seeking interests from Labels, Film and other avenues for their music.


    Tracklist :

    1.  Consumed (05:00)

    2.  No Help For That (07:20)

    3.  A Product Of Humankind (07:21)

    4.  Someone I Know (05:09)

    5.  Humming Reverie (06:17)

    6.  A Comedy Of Errors (03:38)    



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