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    Origine du Groupe : North America

    Style : Neo Roots , Reggae

    Sortie : 2001

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    By Mr. O. Molale  from http://www.amazon.com

    I rate the group more than Beyonce & Jay-Z combined, not in terms of popularity and making money from record and other sales, but purely based on ability to make good music. I am talking about music here, not sound, which means making sound from playing a musical instrument rather than selecting it digitally from your studio. In fact, I rate the group more than most American artists. America is full of artist more than it is full of musicians, as most of them cannot even play one single musical instrument very well, and all they know is make noise in front of the mic.

    Tracklist :
    1. Laws of the King
    2. Give the youth a chance
    3. Give up
    4. Zion gates
    5. Fire
    6. Jah house
    7. Living spiritual
    8. Ooh Lord
    9. Stand firm
    10. Weh dem did deh
    11. Jah lead our way
    12. See the enemy
    13. Free as a bird
    14. Ghetto life song
    15. All alone (thinking 'bout you)


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    Origine du Groupe : V.A , Jamaica

    Style : Compilation , Reggae , Dub , Neo-Roots

    Sortie : 2012

    Tracklist :

    01 - John Holt - Police In Helicopter

    02 - Human Spirit - Les indiens

    03 - Steel Pulse - Sound system

    04 - RND - Flok

    05 - Black Grass - Oh jah ft. Jah Marnyah

    06 - Rod Taylor - In The Right Way

    07 - Sebastian Sturm - Don't Look Back

    08 - Dezarie - Ghettos of Babylon

    09 - Hollie Cook - Walking in the sand

    10 - Professor - Mind of man

    11 - Deborah Keese - Travelling

    12 - The Aggrolites - Eye of Obarbas

    13 - The Eclips Band - Corrupted society

    14 - TelDem Com'unity - Get Be Stronger  Feat. Joe Pilgrim

    15 - Aggrovators - Uhro express

    16 - Funde - La peur du lendemain

    17 - Scientist - Black out

    18 - Ansel Collins with Sly and Robbie - German Soldier

    19 - The Skatalites - African roots dub

    20 - Negusa - Iwok

    21 - Oye Primate - Ilegal

    22 - Lee Scratch Perry & The Upsetters - Super Ape

    23 - Zion Train - Terror Talk feat Dubdadda

    24 - Niominka Bi & Ndiaxas Band - Afrique Jamaique (feat. Winston McAnuff)

    25 - Keller Williams - Positive

    26 - King Tubby and the Aggrovators - Feel so good dub

    27 - Barrington Levy - Black roses

    28 - Daïpivo - Fire  Dub P13

    29 - Solo Banton - One Of The Greatest

    30 - Nahuatl Sound System - Pescador de Fuego Tor ma in Dub Remix

    31 - Corey Harris - Sweat Shop

    32 - Willie Williams - Turn on the power

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    Origine du Groupe : North America

    Style : Reggae , Alternative , Reggae Jazz , Neo Roots

    Sortie : 2011

    By Tim Hurley from http://www.honesttune.com

    Multi-faceted artist Keller Williams releases his 17th album this month, and it stays true to his one-name-album formula, this time with the appropriately titled Bass. Keller takes the reigns as
    primary vocalist and bass player, and is backed by his touring reggae-funk band Kdubalicious, consisting of Jay Starling on keyboards and Mark D on drums (fellow Virginians who have worked with
    Keller before as members of the reggae-tinged Transmitters). Williams may be primarily known as a guitar player, but he proves here that he is no slouch on the bass either.

    His playful songwriting method and signature vocals are not much different from his previous 16 releases; however this project leans more toward jazz and reggae versus the roots, bluegrass, and
    jam of most his other albums, and it benefits greatly by having accompanying musicians rather than his usual one-man-band projects.  Although this is not his first foray into leading a band
    as he has done so before on previous installments such as Keller and the Keels, Keller Williams and the WMDs, The Keller Williams Incident, etc., it still marks a progression for his
    ever-changing craft.

    If any folks have been hesitant about getting into Keller’s music, Bass may just win them over with its accessibility and effortless flow. The airy jazz grooves heard on the excellent “The Sun
    and The Moon’s Vagenda” – highlighted by Starling’s melodic piano and Mark D’s rhythmic drumming – as well as the upbeat, breezy reggae of “Positive” are smooth and extremely ear-pleasing.

    His lyrical wit is strong as usual, displayed on the catchy funk number “Hey Ho Jorge” (I like my funk well-done, never rare … I eat the funk), the pop-reggae tune “Super Hot” where he rants
    about the “hot chicks in the front row”, as well as the hilarious “I Am Elvis” (I like to snowboard naked in the morning, jump out of a helicopter and freeze my behind).

    But aside from all the humorous lyrics and positive vibes, some of the best moments on this album happen when the trio shakes free from the anchor and jam, seemingly swimming together through
    relaxing chords shown on such songs as the soft reggae tune “High” and the jazz-fusion track ”Buena”.

    This album may not represent Keller’s strongest work (look to 2007′s Dream for that), but there is a certain wonderful chillness to it all. And you have to appreciate Keller’s choice to
    continuously try new projects with varying styles and players. His first 10 or so studio recordings were just him and looping machines, which were becoming a bit redundant and tiresome. Over the
    course of his last five albums he has gone in a different direction each time, which is welcome. He performs better as a band leader than a solo artist, this much is sure, and having the talents
    of Jay Starling and Mark D along for this ride works brilliantly.

    Bass is out now on SCI Fidelity.

    Tracklist :

    1. The Sun & Moon's Vagenda

    2. 2bu

    3. Hey Ho Jorge

    4. I Am Elvis

    5. Hollywood Freaks

    6. Thinking Out Loud

    7. High

    8. Buena

    9. Super Hot

    10. Hobo Jungle

    11. Positive





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