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    Sortie : 2006
    Style : New Jazz

    Tracklist :
    1. Sakura
    2. Car Chase
    3. Ibuki
    4. Charlie
    5. Alert
    6. Gekko
    7. Spin A Top
    8. 2×2.
    9. 5 AM


    A killer combo from Japan — a club jazz unit that mixes warm, round bass with hard-hitting piano — all held together nicely with two drummers on the bottom, and some very crisp production! The sound is totally great — a stripped-down take on the mix of modal and soul jazz styles that have been coming from some of the Japanese and European club jazz groups of late — and without any horns to get in the way, there’s an added focus on the acoustic bass and heavy drums, which makes for a nicely funky sound overall! These guys are totally great — way better than the “jam unit” name might make you think — steeped in classic jazz roots, but coming across with a very fresh, very contemporary groove. Titles include “Car Chase”, “Ibuki”, “Charlie”, “Alert”, “Gekko”, “Spin A Top”, “2 X 2″, and “5AM”.

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