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    Origine du Groupe : U.K

    Style : Alternative

    Sortie : 2011

    From Official Site :

    ‘Last Days of Meaning’ is Sawhney¹s ninth studio album.  Played by the legendary actor John Hurt, the album¹s main character - Donald Meaning - is an embittered old man, fearful of
    immigrants, terrorists and the outside world.  He sits in a room raging against childhood memories, society, himself and a small tape recorder sent to him by his ex-wife.  The
    cassette-recorder contains the songs of the album - A message of reflection, shared memory, empathy and ultimately hope. Featuring an array of brilliant performances by singers and musicians
    alike, the new album is a response to the fear, dogmatism and entrenchment that we sometimes acquire with age.

    The new album will be launched at The Royal Albert Hall and is to include a new work to be performed on the Hall’s grand 140 year old organ.  A small section of Sawhney’s pipe organ creation
    will form part of his brand new album ‘Last Days of Meaning’. On 6 May 2011, Sawhney will be joined on stage by a string quintet and key members of his band including Martyn Kaine on drums, Aref
    Durvesh on Tabla and Dholak, Ashwin Srinivasan on flute and vocals, Ian Burdge on cello, Tina Grace, Nicki Wells and Rahel

    The show will also feature special guest Natty.

    At the concert, Sawhney will perform tracks from the new album, along with a retrospective of his studio work to date. The included 15 minute organ commission will be performed at the concert by
    his childhood friend and arguably the UK’s foremost and most prominent Hammond organist, James Taylor of the James Taylor Quartet.

    As teenagers, Sawhney and Taylor decided to form a band and went together to a music shop to buy a Casio keyboard. Bringing it back to Sawhney’s house they sat around working out various melodies
    and ideas for their new project.  Thirty-three years later they sat together at the Grand Organ of the Royal Albert Hall trying to figure out how this 140 year old monster works. This is
    something that Nitin will undoubtedly be able to put his unique and distinctive stamp on.


    Tracklist :

    01 - The Devil and Midnight (ft. Yolanda Quartey) (3:45)

    02 - Reflection 1 (ft. John Hurt) (1:32)

    03 - Confessions from the Womb (ft. Tina Grace & Jon Bilbrough) (3:08)

    04 - Reflection 2 (ft. John Hurt) (1:08)

    05 - Say You Will (ft. Nicki Wells & Jon Bilbrough) (3:49)

    06 - Reflection 3 (ft. John Hurt) (1:48)

    07 - I`m Done (ft. Hannah Peel) (3:20)

    08 - Kite (ft. Soumik Datta & Nicki Wells) (4:55)

    09 - Reflection 4 (ft. John Hurt) (1:27)

    10 - Projector (ft. Tina Grace & Jon Bilbrough) (3:04)

    11 - Reflection 5 (ft. John Hurt) (1:36)

    12 - Daydream (ft. Ashwin Srinivasan) (1:55)

    13 - Tender World (ft. Nicki Wells) (3:15)

    14 - So Long (ft. Yolanda Quartey & Rajrang) (3:43)

    15 - Reflection 6 (ft. John Hurt) (1:09)

    16 - Laugh (ft. Eska Mtungwazi) (3:17)

    17 - Reflection 7 (ft. John Hurt) (0:37)

    18 - Taste the Air (ft. Natty) (4:35)

    19 - Reflection 8 (ft. John Hurt) (0:27)



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