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    Origine du Groupe : Germany , U.K

    Style : Alternative Fusion

    Sortie : 2009

    By Dan Johnson from http://www.popmatters.com

    To celebrate a decade of producing fine electro-reggae, regatta de blanc duo Noiseshaper offers its new full-length effort Satellite City. The album is a faithful evolution of dub reggae—a genre
    built on the strength of production technique and a visionary-like big sound. Within electronically generated beats and nostalgic vocal performances that encapsulate styles ranging from soulful
    Jimmy Cliff to rude boy spits, Satellite City paints a warm portrait that blends Kingston and London in one sonic city. Simultaneously classic and yet modernist, the Austrian duo of Florian
    Fleischmann and Axel Hirn strives to produce an evolution of rootsy music that plays like the perfect album for an Indian summer in the city. The album seems to lament the loss of personal
    connection on the hot streets as an ever-growing plague of concrete and steel forces a city upward and its people apart. This satellite city is an integration of carefully crafted instruments
    with beautiful, booming bass levied beneath veiled vocals and distant melodies in a pyramid of sound that captures the balance of a lonely city. Tracks like “Big Shot”, “Ghetto”, and “Satellite
    City” resonate as physical, emotional testaments to isolation and as noisy tools to crack the heartless concrete of urban solitude in an album that is impressive overall. For the reggae faithful
    and the alike, Satellite City is a pleasing, energetic moment in sound that delights and winds through the future of reggae. 

    Tracklist :

    01 - Big Shot (feat Sketch Walton)

    02 - Satellite City (feat Sherrez)

    03 - We Rock It (feat Sammy Dread)

    04 - As Long As It Takes (feat Juggla)

    05 - Got It Bad (feat Wayne Martin)

    06 - Wanna Feel More (feat Sketch Walton)

    07 - Ghetto (feat Jackie Deane)

    08 - Universal (feat Juggla)

    09 - Sod's Law (feat Ayesha)

    10 - Some Say (feat Sketch Walton)

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