• Non Dolet - Inner



    Origine du Groupe : Russia

    Style : Ambient , Minimal Electronic , Downtempo , Piano Instrumental

    Sortie : 2010

    From http://www.thesirenssound.com

    Non Dolet is an experimental project of a girl named Alisa (Alice). She lives in Russia and studies at the music conservatory, specializing in sound directing.

    She is also interested in psychoacoustics, plays ethnodrums. Non Dolet debut album [ Inner ] is dedicated to her mother.

     ” Inner ” is promising album from a very young and talented Russian girl. Her sound is simply pleasant and easy accesible in all angles. 45 shouts and under 2000 listeners but yet the music
    deserves so much more attention. Have a go guys .

    Tracklist :

    01. Inner

    02. War Field

    03. Train #312

    04. Mother’s Shawl

    05. Searching The Water

    06. Sky Melody

    07. Bushido

    08. Lost

    09. Famish Affection

    10. Outback

    11.Train Of Thoughts

    12. Pillow Book




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