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    Origine du Groupe : U.K

    Style : O.S.T , Instrumental

    Sortie : 2011

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    From http://cinematicorchestra.host-ed.net

    New music by The Cinematic Orchestra: download the soundtracks for the movies Manhatta & Entr'acte at the NinjaShop. Download Entra'cte and Manhatta as an mp3 and video at the same time.

    These song were recorded last year, but the première had allready takan place in 2009 at the Roundhouse in London, during the very first In Motion concert. The release has been added to the

    The Mercury Prize website turned it's attention this week towards The Cinematic Orchestra and their second In Motion concert. Read all about it at their blog. The concert is sold out!

    Expect some new music during the concert. During the last concerts new tracks from the forthcoming album have been played. You can find one on Youtube, called Polar, recorded in Paris this

    Tracklist :
    01 - Manhatta


  • http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-MMxpo-kZDM8/ThAM5x9mp1I/AAAAAAAAJ7E/OBYAMaozCuc/s400/FP.JPG

    Origine du Groupe : V.A India

    Style : O.S.T , World Music , Indian Music

    Sortie : 1981

    By Demnagirl from http://www.welove-music.net

    Umrao Jaan was released in 1981 to great critical acclaim but lukewarm public response. No doubt its literate script, nafees Urdu and historical setting was beyond the appreciation levels of the
    average punter. But in the 30 intervening years, Asha Bhosle’s singing and Rekha’s dancing have only grown in stature. Buy any collection of Asha’s amazing career of hits and you’ll find every
    song she sang in Umrao Jaan. They are still considered the absolute peak of her grace and creativity. Rekha, known more for her racy roles before Umrao danced and acted her way to the 1981 Best
    Actress Award and then went on to seal her status as a serious artiste.

    The soundtrack is the most complete expression of music, lyric, emotion and drama Bollywood has ever produced. The director, Muzzafar Ali, was at pains to recreate mid 19th century society of the
    tawwaif (courtesan) with as close to perfect verisimilitude as possible. And so elaborate costumes were sewn, the most evocative havelis (manors) used as sets, elegant refined Urdu was spoken and
    of course authentic period music played throughout. And to bring all of this to life he employed the best artists and craftsmen. The lyrics were written by the accomplished Urdu poet (and
    professor at Aligarh Muslim University) Shahyar and the music composed by the equally brilliant Khayyam. Together they created a musical and lyrical atmosphere that leaves the listener weak at
    the knees with the beauty of it all. Not just the stunning gems of Dil Cheez Kya Hai and In Aakhon ki Masti and Justuju Jis ki Thi and Yeh Kya Jagah Hai, Dosto. These masterpieces are supported
    by classical ragas, folk music and ghazals that paint a comprehensive picture of the musical landscape that was kingdom of Avadh (Lucknow). Alert readers of the Washerman’s Dog will remember that
    the instrument, the sarangi, rose to its preeminent place in Hindustani music as an accompanist to the courtesans of the 18th and 19th century such as Umrao Jaan. You will hear lots of sarangi on
    this soundtrack.

    Tracklist :

    01-Ek Toote Huye Dil Ki - Alka Yagnik

    02-A Foreword - Javed Akhtar

    03-Salaam - Alka Yagnik

    04-Pehle Pehel - Alka Yagnik

    05-Behka Diya Hamein - Alka Yagnik & Sonu Nigam

    06-Jhute Ilzaam - Alka Yagnik

    07-Main Na Mil Sakun Jo Tumse - Alka Yagnik

    08-Pooch Rahe Hain - Alka Yagnik

    09-Agle janam Mohe Bitiya - Richa Sharma

    10-Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya - Anmol Malik



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    Origine du Groupe : North America

    Style : O.S.T , Electro , Psychedelic , Ambient , Downtempo

    Sortie : 1999

    Par Le
    Roy Ludovic
      pour http://www.amazon.fr

    La première règle du Fight Club...

    Le Cd nous l'annonce, "The Dust Brothers feat. Tyler Durden"... Trip Hop mélancolique et barré, si cher aux ex-producteurs des Beastie Boys ("Paul's Boutique"), Beck etc..., qui se lancent enfin
    dans le solo. Et d'une magistrale manière. Michael Simpson et John King s'en donnent à coeur joie et ça reflète vraiment l'esprit du film ( tout aussi bien au passage...). Ce disque sorte de
    retombée d'acide ou de substance éthylique après une nuit passée à s'en prendre plein la gueule... dans un Fight Club tiens !!! Les ambiances sont géniales, ils maîtrisent à merveille leurs
    Beats... En attendant un album solo... In Tyler We Trust !!!

    Tracklist :

    1.  Who Is Tyler Durden? [5:03]

    2.  Homework [4:37]

    3.  What Is Fight Club? [4:43]

    4.  Single Serving Jack [4:14]

    5.  Corporate World [2:42]

    6.  Psycho Boy Jack [2:57]

    7.  Hessel, Raymond K. [2:49]

    8.  Medula Oblongata [5:59]

    9.  Jack's Smirking Revenge [3:58]

    10. Stealing Fat [2:21]

    11. Chemical Burn [3:35]

    12. Marla [4:22]

    13. Commissioner Castration [3:06]

    14. Space Monkeys [3:24]

    15. Finding The Bomb [6:45]


  • http://thesteinbergprinciple.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/johann-jpeg12.jpg



    Origine du Groupe : Island

    Style : Classic , Electronic , Expérimental

    Sortie : 2010

    From official site :

    An accompaniment to the animated film 'Varmints', this is a collection of achingly beautiful orchestral work balanced on a bed of Jóhannsson's patented electronics. Surprisingly however, the film
    itself is not intrinsic to the enjoyment of the music; Jóhannsson's score stands alone perfectly as a haunting collection of tracks.

    As with most soundtracks, the album is made up of a selection of repeating themes which appear and disappear throughout the record; Jóhannsson manages to approach this with such subtlety you
    can't always even tell that a familiar theme is drifting in and out of each track. The clouds of ambience and growls of synthesizer that underpin the lilt of the orchestra are crucial to the
    record and give a similar warmth similar to what made 'Englaborn' so very special. These pieces are memorable and deeply moving, and within one listen you could almost visualise the film itself –
    or at least a home made version. Soundtrack or not, Jóhannsson has created yet another peerless collection of electronic/classical vignettes you won't be forgetting any time soon.


    Tracklist :   

    01 Theme

    02 City Building

    03 Entering The City

    04 The Flat

    05 Rainwater

    06 Pods

    07 The Gift

    08 Dying City

    09 Escape

    10 Inside The Pods

    11 End (Snowing)


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