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    Origine du Groupe : Ukraine

    Style : Electro Dub , Electro , Electronic , Experimental

    Sortie : 2011

    From http://label.trippintherift.com

    PanDub Bear is a fresh injection of vitamins into the organism of experimental electronic music. Despite the ‘Dub’ affix hinting at this style as a major one, this project doesn’t have a strict
    determination of its music genre. However, in PanDub Bear‘s works you can hear the smoothness of trip-hop emphasized by the bass power of hip-hop and the mad pressure of breakbeat, which are
    multiplied by the harmony and general originality of their sound.

    PanDub Bear is back with more of their trademark combination of aggressive breakbeat and chilled down dub on Wake A Break Up. Blending the hurricane of hard-hitting broken beat with the insanity
    of sampling, powerful groove of dub and immaculate production, Wake A Break Up provides a unique listening experience.

    Tracklist :

    1.Backmasking 03:58    

    2.Grey Shores 04:12        

    3.Brain Teaser 03:48    

    4.Autothinking 04:22    

    5.Break Time 04:24    

    6.Model For Assembly 04:20    

    7.Moleshark 03:49    

    8 In 6 Out 04:54    

    9.Jacuzzi Project - U'n'U (PanDub Bear Mix) 03:48    

    10.Radiance 04:29


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